Who Dat Dog and Where He Eat?

     When you are surrounded by fine dining establishments (and I don’t mean necessarily ‘fancy’, I mean ‘delicious’), you tend to walk around and follow your nose, or the buzz, or the dogs.
     Yes, the D-O-G-S. 
     And some of them are H-O-T.
     With a side of fries.
     ‘Cause that’s how we baked fresh daily R-O-L-L.
     In New Orleans.
     Leading the way, not playin’ K-E-T-C-H-U-P.
     And we R-E-L-I-S-H the hunt.

    How’s that for clever?

Crazy Exterior

Wild Interior

Dat Dog
3336 Magazine St.
At Louisiana

I ordered the
Sea Dog
Beer Battered Cod with
all the fixin’s.

Go on in and take a load off your dogs…

Or just sit your buns down.

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