It’s a Wonderful Life

     In my hometown of Chagrin Falls, Ohio (think: Bedford Falls in Frank Capra’s 1946 ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’), you are surrounded by rolling green hills, a powerful river, waterfalls, delicious restaurants, quaint Western Reserve architecture, and (drrrrumroll) great shopping.
     Thank God, no Mr. Potter.
     But in my story Mary Bailey gets soooo good at staging all the homes her husband George builds on spec that she eventually opens a home decor shop and puts the kid’s through college- with designer luggage and really good lamps for the dorm rooms.

     I bet it would have been a lot like this…

with soft colorful & clever furniture to sit in,
because Mary would have been crafty…

and tart hard candy,
the kind George is so fond of…

and ceilings covered in vintage and retro lighting,
reclaimed from all of the old house’s Mr. Potter owned,
but now he’s gone bankrupt…

and cows
(because you have to have cows)…

and silver.
One must have silver…

and sweet treats
baked by Violet Bick
(because Violet has found her real calling, and it ain’t that!)…

 and a Cupcake store instead of
Mr. Gower’s Pharmacy, so that
no one ever gets their ears boxed.
But if that happened, then George wouldn’t be able to
save his brother, who would go on
to save his army company, who would then….
Excuse me.
I have a re-write
to attend to at

White Magnolia.

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