Play It Again Sam

         I like houses.
     Ben likes me, so, we’ve had a few (houses, that is) like ten over 31 years, one a rental, the others owned, a few extra.
     Lucky me. I know.
     Most have been 100+ years old just waiting for me to return them to either their former glory, or buy them a new dress for the party.
     Fun and hard work.
     Always interesting.
     In one home we found a early 20th century ladies shoe in the wall dropped from the attic. Just one. I wonder what child was angry with mother?
     In another, a wooden crutch (dated to the civil war) in the woods on our property where a battle had taken place. It now stands in a century old olive oil crock that I won at a silent auction that was held in a graveyard for a Halloween-timed Historic House Preservation fund raiser. 
     In yet another, serving plates, and marbles, and coins that dated to the time when the town’s pastor had lived in it as the rectory, and held wakes for the town’s recently departed. No ghosts seen (except that one time that Chase saw…)
     But at A Pleasant House we may have topped them all: last year a man knocked on our door to tell us that Humphrey Bogart’s mistress used to live here.
     So off I went to get me some learnin’ ’bout how to research our home’s history and spent the day with a group of like-minded New Orleanians, with equally fascinating tales, at the Old US Mint, down in the ‘Quarta, sponsored by the Friends of the Cabildo.
     I am now armed with enough direction to do some serious damage (I mean ‘research’) and maybe discover what Bogart liked for breakfast…

Just don’t tell Bacall.

Our beautiful front door.

One of several hollow Ionic columns that hold up
our galleries.

A second floor gallery.

Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Well, in that case…

The main entrance to the
Old US Mint

You usually don’t get to wander around inside-
but guess what?

A stucco’d load bearing
exterior pin key.

A wrought iron newel post.

You didn’t think I’d miss breakfast did you?
Cafe Envie
makes a great spinach and feta wrap.


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