Triassic Love

     Opening the door to my son’s flat in Brooklyn is like going back in time to my cheap little first apartment, with barely-running hot water, gun fire outside my bedroom window, mace padded foundation garments,  laundry room rat buddies, and a car that’s disappearing act would have made David Copperfield proud, but in the penthouse suite, with a megawatt terrace, hardwood floors, large flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, and awe inspiring views of Manhattan’s Freedom Tower, and Empire State and Chrysler Buildings.
     Like that. 
     He lives with a lovely young woman, who is crafty, sews, cooks, gardens, and makes a mean Margarita. 
     In other words, his life is puuurty near perfect. 
     And it also includes a few large animals (besides two adorable cats Bean & Bug) that keep watch on the whole thing, because Mom can’t be there to fend the monsters away anymore…

but Lauren’s arranged for protection.

Lauren crafts multi-layered terrariums
with fierce animals
at the ready.
Here, we have a
Saber-toothed Cat
Smiloden fatalis
in a 1960’s
Japenesesque movie environment-
or surrounded by succulents and
other out-of-proportion stage effects.

An Apatosaurus brontosaurus
in the life-like plastic skin.
Yea- that’s it.


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