A Girl’s Right Stuff

     The other day I babysat the new arrival from next door.
     She’s sweet and round and smiley and cute and a little stinker and hungry and observant and loud and generally a very curious creature to the kitties- just like me.
     And like me- even though she arrives with accoutrement galore, she needs more stuff.
     I mean, where is the motorized stroller with built-in GPS? And standard stemmed wine glass holder?
     And the bag that holds additional Manolo Blahnik’s- you know, the ones with the kitten heels (’cause a gal has to look good- but can’t seem too obvious) and not just diapers.
     I mean, she didn’t even have her Baby Visa in her possession, so just how were we supposed to go shopping? 
     What she did have was a bunch of soft food (but not escargot- jeez), a few pretty outfits (but no couture!) and a lot of toys (but not the right ones- if ya know what I mean).
     So really, she needs more stuff, or at least the Right Stuff…

thank God I’m next door.

Baby Emma 

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