Blog Fog and other Events

I’m off to a Blogging Convention.
That’s right. Your eyes are actually reading BLOGGING CONVENTION. 
Who knew?

Most really good, professional, highly regarded bloggers with blogs would ask a bunch of her peeps to pinch-hit for her when she’s gone, filling in, so to speak, keepin’ her readership up, probably increasing it! And spreadin’ the LUV. 

But not me. Ohhh no. I’m going to buck this tread all the way and just leave a big fat hole in the Bloggerverse (yes, that’s a word now) with readers that will circle the date of my return, chomping at the bit for more of my fabulousness (again- a word people) because I’m a rebel and I believe in that risk and reward theory that my eighth grade guidance counselor/principal/parole officer told me about that one time.

So here I go.

 To participate in newly created events about a newly created occupation with a stadium of manic newly created women, all vying for individual recognition in a sea of blogfog, and stampeding for free swag and invites.


I might be good at this.

See you next week!
So don’t forget me- OK?
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