The Deep Winter of Mr. Snowdon

In a windowless room, deep inside a large building, sits a young man, a techno-wizard really, who is endlessly sorting, prioritizing, and filing snippets of classified government information, into larger algorithms, so that program artificial intelligences can identify patterns.

Patterns of possible plans that might pose a threat to National Security.

These are only ‘snipets’ because no one person is allowed to have entire data streams of information.

It would be too risky.

Too tempting.

Too corruptible.

All of the other people in the room are young as well.

They are all highly skilled at this ‘filing’. In fact, they, or others like them, have built the programs.
The job pays fairly well and comes with health care and a 401k.
Formal education is not a requirement- just skill, and the ability to sit still for many hours- and focus.
Video gaming has never been more appreciated.
The older, wiser, superiors of these wizards, believe they have hit the mother load with this group- easily influenced, lonely, not easily social.
No risk.
The wizards have been told they are geniuses and, like all young people, like to be rewarded, especially for all of the time they spent in their parents basements, lounging on the couch, with their gamer-on.
‘So there!’ Mom & Dad.
One wizard sees something he doesn’t believe is legal, or  ethical, or moral.
He makes a decision to copy files, and code, and send them to a secure server outside of the windowless room.
He believes he has a duty, as a human being, maybe even as an American, to expose the ‘operation’, surely feeling that he will be exonerated and held in high esteem.
However, due to his superior intelligence he also knows, instinctively, that his employers will not take this lightly.
So, he quits his job, leaves his country, holds a press conference and …

ends up living in a Russian airport. 

Well played Wizard.
Well played.


  • Tracie Nall - I do wonder….how long will Russia let him stay in the airport?ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Not much longer. They (Russia) are looking for someone else to take him in. Problem is that everyone has been told that if they take him in the USA will stop trade, etc. with them. He’s not worth ruining an economy over- so he may be Siberia bound.ReplyCancel

  • House Crazy Sarah - yeah I often wonder what his long-term plan was – or if he had one at all??ReplyCancel

  • bookworm - It is fascinating seeing a real life version of “The Terminal” (not that the person in the movie was in the airport terminal for a similar reason) unfold. I don’t know if anyone could have foreseen the consequences – especially not someone his age.ReplyCancel

  • A Pleasant House - Just goes to show: it’s NOT age over wisdom. He sure didn’t think this through did he.ReplyCancel

  • Natalie DeYoung - It sounds like a movie plot…ReplyCancel

  • Sophie Bowns - Very intriguing! Is this a short story or a film plot idea?ReplyCancel

  • Suerae Stein - I definitely see a book and a movie on the horizon. It really is fascinating how this all played out and it will be interesting to see where he ends up. If we ever find out.ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - It’s not as if he can do much with his time but write…

    Coming in 2014: Shia LaBoeuf as Edward Snowden in…

    Doctor StrangeDrone: Or How I Learned To Get Over My Fears And Love The NSA.ReplyCancel

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