The Whopper at The End of the World

You know it’s the End of The World’ when your son takes YOU to lunch.

You, really, know it’s the End of The World when the place is called La Fin Du Monde (French for End Of The World), but at least you’ll have one last fine meal.

You suspect it’s all a ruse when the bill gets handed to you and you wish you’d had a Whopper instead of being told one.

C’est la vie, mon frere!

I’d rather be at the End Of The World with my children, in a fancy restaurant, and a slow gin fizz at the ready…

then without them.

(The kids and the gin-
maybe not in that order)

Made without egg whites.
Fluffed with a high-pressure air gun
topped with orange zested powder.

A Caprese Salad.
I asked for the bacon on top.
I’m an Epicurean.

Tyler had the chicken club.

La Fin Du Monde
2917 Magazine St.
New Orleans

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  • Vicki @ lifeinmyemptynest - Once again, I love to live vicariously through your New Orleans dining experiences. Looks wonderful 🙂ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Hi Vicki! So nice to see you here again and what a lovely compliment! And it’s my pleasure to have you live vicariously! HahahahaReplyCancel

  • Sue - I had to look up “epicurean” and orange zest to me seems as good a sensual pleasure as it can get. Did you say bacon? BLT is my favorite and there is no such thing as too much bacon.ReplyCancel

  • The Desert Rocks - Loved it, bacon and all. My favorite New Orleans restaurant used to be and most likely still is ‘The Court of Two Sisters’ although most of the original musicians left after Katrina. My last visit was Easter ’06 and it was having a shaky comeback and the town was in a major upheaval, of course. We prayed at St.Louis Cathedral on Easter Sunday as if we were always part of the congregation. Lovely mass, lovely people and like a war torn phoenix rising from the ashes, that city will make it–and bloom again. Thanks for taking me back to your ‘final meal’ ha, ha! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - The Court Of Two Sisters is back up and running full steam ahead! The original musicians are mostly back and the atmosphere all over the city is better then ever! Come on down for a visit!ReplyCancel

  • Home and Lifestyle Design - New Orleans has the best restaurants, the best food, the best drinks, and the best entertainment. Sometimes I realize just how much I miss New Orleans and wonder why I am not there.
    Thanks so much for sharing.

    • A Pleasant House - I wish you were here Patty. If you ever come down for a visit, don’t forget to give me a heads-up. We would have FUN!ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - Ah, looks scrumptious.ReplyCancel

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