Eating Honestly

Last week, I ate well (When do I not? I live in New Orleans for Christ’s sake).

But, this was in Chicago (Yes, I get around).

It would be prepared by seven world famous chefs- just for me. Sweet.

They needed my o-p-i-n-i-o-n. (Of course they did). 

What did I think of a new palette of fresh/frozen ready-to-plate foods that will be (and are) available to the emerging American foodie vis-a-vis our already established American Super Markets? (Because really- we all still need the occasional quickie out of the frozen case at the grocer and if you’re one of those that say ‘I never buy for convenience‘, well then, you are just a liar). 

These new tastes would be grounded in a more international taste vocabulary- like cumin, and kale, and pomegranate.

They would be prepared using whole foods, leaner proteins, and less heat, for more color and greater nutrition.

They would recreate classic dishes using unlikely ingredients- like cake from beans. 


Dazzle me. 

Take me on a culinary trip. Rock my world. Light my fire. Send me to the Moon!

And they did.

And I may never come back… 

because I’m in a tasty corner of Heaven- 
Just one of the selections prepared
Lean Cuisine’s
Honestly Good Food

This was FABULOUS!
A moist, not too sweet chocolate brownie
made of beans!!!
With a side of peanut brittle and a
cherry on top!

This was my table set-up.
I used every damn piece of flatware.

Yours Truly
Brad Farmerie, Lior Lev Sercarz, Anita Lo, Paul Kahan, Michelle Bernstein
and the extraordinary
Lucien Vendome
They love me. We’re BFF’s now.
*This was not a paid review.
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  • Anonymous - Ok. You got me. I’m tryin’ it!

    • A Pleasant House - Seriously Carol- just awesome! And the Chefs were VERY charming- which doesn’t hurt if ya know what I mean…..ReplyCancel

  • Tracie Nall - That dessert plate looks amazing!ReplyCancel

  • bookworm - Oooh, Lean Cuisine! My go-to when I don’t feel like making lunch for the office, and now it is going to be gourmet. Actually, a lot of their flavors aren’t too bad. As for the bean brownie – Weight Watchers has a brownie recipe made from black beans that I’ve never dared to try but maybe I should.ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Sprenger - Yummy! And wasn’t Chicago a blast? My personal favorite cuisine was the night they gave us a hot dog and french fry buffet- is that wrong? Miss ya, sista!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Hey Mammadoll (I’m coining that word so don’t use it!). How r ya? Yes- a BLAST! You were exactly how I pictured you- sassy, smart, funny, gracious. Hell you should run for Prez! I’d vote for u! LOL!!! Now I must skip over to your place and see what you’re up to….ReplyCancel

  • Rich Rumple - Okay, after looking at those tiny portions, I’m ready for a really big piece of german chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream! lol I could’ve enjoyed taking your place there! Yum!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - I’m grilling File Migon with blu cheese drizzle, a green crunchy salad, and homemade chocolate ice cream w raspberry topping tomorrow night- if you;d like to join?ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - A tough job, but someone’s got to do it!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - And they are! Some are even available at your local grocer. And, NO. I didn’t get paid for this review- in case you were wondering. Thanks for stopping by!ReplyCancel

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