Ingredients for Living

Like all good cooks you should prepare before you begin, as follows:

Continue to rely on ‘old favorites’ but don’t be afraid to venture into a new recipe.

Shop locally, when you can, and then seek outside of your zip code.

Organize your ingredients.

Measure twice. Cut once.

Separate cold and hot into individual containers, otherwise you may produce lukewarm, and no one likes lukewarm, am I right?

Don’t let your raw meats touch (Really- under any circumstances).

Select an appropriate adult beverage to compliment your meal (Actually, a meal may not be neccesary).

Plate for presentation.

Set a lovely table.

And don’t forget the music…

One must have Music.

Dinner with my daughter,
Princess Bryn,
under the stars,
Millenium Park
in Chicago.

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  • Katia - Oh Cheryl, you are wise! I’ve actually bookmarked this, because I sense (but can’t really process with my half working brain) that there’s some very valuable and relevant advice in there for me. I will be coming back to this post to contemplate how these cooking tips apply to my life and I can already tell this is very helpful.

    Also, I love that you had a picnic with your daughter and OMG, it looks like a delicious meal!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - You may be giving me more credit then is due- but I’LL TAKE IT! Lol!! So great to have met you Katia. You are a real charmer! And BOOKMARK away…..ReplyCancel

  • Sue - The way you write grabs me, takes me on a journey, and then I land somewhere unexpected. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - I couldn’t help but laugh at “select an appropriate adult beverage…”ReplyCancel

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