What a glorious word!

Merriam-Webster defines it as; 1: forbidden, 2: banned, 3: constituting a risk.

Cheryl defines it as; 1) almost irresistible, 2) a pool in which a toe must be dipped, 3) a risk worth taking.


Classic Examples:
1) Do not talk about sex.
    ‘Okay, let’s just have some.’

2) Do not experience menopause.
    ‘I have no problem walking around naked.’

3) Do not pontificate about politics.
    ‘Whaaaat? I could rule the world.’

4) Do not preach about religion.
    ‘Just get some, Okay?’

5) Do not judge other’s children.
    ‘Mine are gifted, so I don’t care about hers.’

6) Do not flash about money.
    ‘I’m rich. What can I say.’

7) Do not wince at body odors.
    ‘This subway smells like bad cheese. Oh, don’t look at me that way kids. You know it’s true.’

8) Do not stare about obvious flaws.
    ‘I’m finding it distracting to continue this conversation because I’m focused on your rotten teeth.’
    (maybe that’s just a New Orleans thing).

9) Do not smile at any homeless man.
    ‘I’m flattered, but I really can’t make it to the Shelters pot-luck, or pot of any kind.’


10) for the Love of God, do not blog and get blocked and have to write a post like this!

It’s Taboo…

to even write about it.



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