The Dope on Role Models

 * I am conducting a little experiment. On Monday’s I will be posting commentary on a Current Event of my choice by which I will proceed to rip someone a new poop hole. It may be fun. I might be sued. But I will always be entertaining. 
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When our children were young, we didn’t encourage them to participate in sports.

I know, I know, I’m the mother of Satan.

We didn’t not encourage them, we just didn’t push them into organized sport activities.

When Chase choose to play little league baseball, we went to every game.

When Bryn participated on her High School gymnastics team, I drove miles to get her to the meets.

Blahblahblah (You get the picture).

I hadn’t been very athletic when I was younger. 

I didn’t like the person I became when faced with competition. It would overcome me. I was fierce. Too fierce, and choose academics and the arts instead- still competitive but without the audience.

My husband had been a very good tennis player. He felt fine with the competition. Still does.

I also had, and still do have, a BIG problem with the American adoration of professional athletes. 

They are, for my money, just a big bag of arrogant narcissist assholes that swing bats, or throw balls, or leap tall buildings.

How else do you explain their public behavior, their private behavior, their hubris?

As I write this, Alex Rodriguez is involved in a doping investigation with Biogenesis

He just stated he will fight these claims to the end and still considers himself a ‘Role Model’.

Are you frickin’ kidding me? For who? Lucifer’s minions?

You are NOT a role model. 

You are likely a liar, and cheat, and thought you could ‘game’ the sport, and even believed you should do it because you wanted to be admired and revered and get laid.

You, Mr. Rodriguez, have just contributed to the impossibility of ever experiencing natural talent on a Field of Dreams, and have made my position on professional sports all but a slam-dunk.

My children turned out to be, without you and your kind…

the real Superstars.

Won’t you let me help you?
I can make your dreams come true.

  • carol cassara - You are RIGHT! πŸ˜‰ It’s such a complicated issue. We seem to have become a society that believes winning is everything–at any cost. Sigh.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - It’s a question of ethics. A sport is supposed to foster team spirit and to give us an opportunity to see NATURAL talent- this is just plain CHEATING.ReplyCancel

  • - My daughter did one season of soft ball when she, was about nine. I can still see the blood thirsty looks in the parents eyes. Shivers….ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - And I didn’t even touch on THAT subject! So many disappointing parts of sports. The list could just go on, and on….ReplyCancel

  • Sue - As far as the Alex Rodriquez story goes, I agree with everything you say in addition to too much adoration for sports. He is no role model for the young other than when the would-be young athlete doesn’t think he measures up, hey, take enhancing drugs like the professionals. If they don’t kick A Rod out, shame on them.ReplyCancel

  • Roshni - It seems like every day another athlete gets exposed for using performance enhancing drugs! πŸ™ReplyCancel

  • Linda Roy - I just heard about this on Hardball. WTH? You know…I’m beginning to think that sports figures who are good examples and excellent role models are the minority – the unicorns actually. What complete twat waffles.ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - Alex Rodriguez is a disgrace to the sport. Self absorbed jackass who doesn’t care what he has to do if it gets him in record books.

    What a wanker.

    So you’re the mother of Satan? You actually brought Justin Bieber into the world?ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - If The Beib were MY son- I’d crack him upside the head, or give him The LOOK. My kids’s always hated The Look. What a putz.ReplyCancel

  • jack luis - Thanks for sharing it.I think that you are right.http://

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