Where The Magic Happens

A while back, two of my BBB’s (BestBloggingBuddies) and I were talking (well, really emailing/texting/PM’ing- no one actually ‘talks’ anymore- right?) to each other about what the spaces we work in look like, so, I thought I’d show you…

Where The Magic Happens
(and take you on a trip down memory lane)
~ This ‘Space’ is actually what was once a large walk-in closet with a floor to ceiling window.
(Yes, I have windows in all of my closets with butlers keeping my couture organized).

~ To the left is my filing system, a printer/fax, and a small fridge that holds wine, fresh juices and cold anti-depressants.
(’cause I never know when my pesky evil twin will need a cool one- which one? I’m not telling).

~ Around and about are an assortment of objects that have been gifted to me over the years, that include:
1. A paper mache head my daughter made of me. Nice one Bryn. 

2. A large spool of thread currently holding extra knitting needles (yes,yes,yes- I do- I know- I’m a Homesteader).

3. My father’s favorite photo of my sister and me that he had blown up (which I often times wished he had done).

4. The head off of a display doll from a long ago defunct, but still fondly remembered,store from my childhood that my sister gave me as a birthday gift (because she Rocks!) and thought we should have at least one fond memory even if it was of a quadriplegic Pilgrim woman. 

5. A shitload of vintage postcards that my daughter and I collected when she was little and I dragged her ass into all sorts of junk stores and needed her to get-with-the-program-so here’s-a-buck-have-at-it. She did, like always.

6. A framed art poster about The Bell Witch (which I wrote about here) and of whom I am fascinated by. True story ladies.

7. A small painting of my home state of Ohio with a very small Heart over my hometown of Chagrin Falls painted by my niece, Little Lee, for the Aunt she misses mostly and often. 

8. A basket with shit I still have to file.

9.  Piles of bills, and crap Ben wants me to handle because he’s a busy Master of the Universe and I but his humble servant. (What a silly man. I may have to poison his coffee one day).

10. And, I sit on a pillow from Sweden, given to me by my Swedish friend, because she is sick of my constant bitching about ass-sprawl and because Swedish women do not get ass-sprawl and she thinks this is a funny American thing. She is also, tall, blond and thin (I hate her, really).

So, there you have it…

What about yours?

  • Sue - What about that wonderful lamp that matches the framed art; just love the lamp along with the entire office.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - I sorta did this one for you Sue. Remember when you asked me to take a pic of my office? Well here it is. The lamp is covered in a black/white toile fabric. I had a master bedroom once that I wallpapered ENTIRELY with black/white toile- walls, AND ceiling, matching lamps, drapes, etc…. it was FABULOUS!!! I’ll have to look for a picture. What’s your space look like?ReplyCancel

    • Sue - My office is a mess right now with too much stuff!! I hate my desk. It is a big desk, but not in a helpful way.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - I hate that when our work space is too large (wink)ReplyCancel

  • Petra - This is a very pleasant space! Truly: fresh and uncluttered, yet intimate. To me, it’s not about a specific object, but I much like the overall atmosphere due to every item you picked to join you there – I find it very inspiring! I love that you opened up your closet and gave us a peek into it; your description of each object is telling so much! Wish we could see the top of that paper maché head! 😉 xoReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - It is the ‘overall’ atmosphere (as you so beautifully put). Intimate yet stimulating. Surrounded by objects that have meaning. I know YOU understand. Love ya gal! xxxoooReplyCancel

  • Julie Phelps - You created a beautiful space! I won’t share any pics of mine, as my new space changes throughout the day. Now that I have moved I no longer have a dedicated office, but do use a corner of my bedroom (wee corner desk) plus the nearby bed with a zillion pillows that are constantly being re-arranged to suit the current condition of my back. Due to previous foot issues and surgeries I often use the laptop on my bed in order to keep my feet semi-propped up. Comfort is a good thing.
    But throughout the day I may use my laptop or iPad in the dining room, the gathering room, or in my art studio.
    Now, the ART studio is definitely a dedicated space and is my particular haven.
    Sometimes, the kitchen is my haven….
    Oh dear, it seems I am spread out all over the place!
    Another note: Ass-sprawl is also addressed – possibly improved upon – by using a giant exercise ball as your seat. Good for lots of body parts, actually. Just sayin…ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - So sorry to hear about your little desk and your feet but…….You have an ART STUDIO!!!!! MY DREAM!!!!!! That helps make everything better, I’m sure! And the ‘exercise ball’ is a good idea. I gal after my own heart. xxxooo ps: I don’t mind that you spread out all over the place, in fact, I liked it!ReplyCancel

  • Patty Rumaker - I love your office space!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Thanks Patty! It’s small but happy- and I LOVE having a big glorious window with which to peer down on the crazy people of New Orleans!ReplyCancel

  • Julie - I need a space like this!! I write on my bed with my laptop. I’m totally lame. LolReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - My working space is, well, a bit less cluttered!

    Except under the desk. That I have no idea how that happened.ReplyCancel

  • Lisa Froman - Wow, that is a pleasant house/space. I’d send you mine….but it’s just my bed. That’s where I sit with my laptop…after I get home from work. In a cubicle. LOL.ReplyCancel

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