Cocktails With Liz Taylor

Many years ago, on a trip to NYC, Ben and I split up for the day- he to a meeting. I to shop (Surprise)

After a long day of firing-up the plastic, and laden with pretty bags full of goodies, I ventured my way back to the Mayfair Hotel (pre-1997 location on upper east side) and found myself parched.

Ben was to be arriving soon, so I handed my packages to the porter and instructed the concierge to guide my husband to the hotel bar at Le Cirque to find me when he arrived.

I noticed a very serious looking man at the entrance, but thought nothing of it. 

I was wearing my mother’s opera length silver fox coat and my father’s attitude (he could get past any locked door).

Off I went. La De Da. Here I come- right past security and right up to the bar.

“I’ll have a Lilet on ice with a twist”, I said.

“Oh, that sounds nice. Me too”, said….

Wait for it. 

Wait for it.

Elizabeth Taylor.

I shit you not.

And we drank our drinks and had ‘girl talk’. 

She told me she was celebrating her engagement to Mexican lawyer Victor Luna (they never married), and I apologized for crashing their party. 

She told the bartender to put my drinks on her tab and I told her I would gladly repay her by buying a ticket to her next movie. 

She thought that was a square deal, kissed me on my check, and was off.

She was delightful, and beautiful, and kind. Almost like a real person (Except she glowed like the science fiction goddess and had had sex with Richard Burton). 

I ordered another, and finally Ben found me.

I told him where he was, what had happened, and that I wanted to make introductions when I noticed his face turning white, his legs shaking, and him pretty much having a nervous breakdown. 

“What’s the matter?”

“We shouldn’t be here.”

“Speak for yourself, sucka’. I’m wearing fox.”

“Jesus, Cheryl. How do you get into these things?”

I ‘get into them’ because I like a good party and believe I add a ray of frivolity to any occasion. 


Which is why yesterday, we created our own party and invited a group of friends to join us for another drink with Elizabeth- except this time…

it was on my tab.

Eggs Sardou 

Biscuits & Gravy

The Hoo-Doo Alter.
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& light a candle. 

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