I’m Squirrely- Lucy says so.

It’s such a nice day when you return from a fun holiday weekend and you open your email and one of your favorite blogger’s has nominated you with a totally innocuous, random, fabricated award complete with really lame art and a ridiculous title. 


So in appreciation of my lovely Lucy at MyLifeAsLucille, in bestowing this blog the most sought-after blogging thumbs-up on the interwebs, I am humbly honored to accept the…
Because I am ‘Squirrely’
The Rules:
1. Thank your nominator and even talk-up their fabulousness. I will be expecting this.
2. List a few things about yourself that people may not know.
3. Nominate a few other bloggy bloggers.

So here goes…

My Sponsor:
Lucy at MyLifeAsLucille is a writer I actually KNOW in Real Life. This does not happen often, so I feel I can really rake her over the coals.

She is a beautiful redhead with a fiery sense of humor, which is why I love her and follow her shizzz.
And shizz she dishes, like a Standing Rib Roast with a side of sass that my overly proper grandmother would have had a drawers down cardiac situation over (another reason she is welcome to sit at my table- and she has, with a big vat of Chablis at our feet and an egg parm at the ready). Good times.

She’s a writer & wife & mom. 

She used to be a teacher but left after she left too many children behind. I know the feeling. Except they were mine. Whatever.
My List of Things you may not know about me and don’t really care if you ever know:
I am gorgeous.
I am confident.
I often exaggerate.
But that’s up for debate.
Just ask me.

No really,                     truth.
The Blog’s I am nominating for being as equally ‘Squirrely’, and not in order of offense (or how many nuts that follow them, are):

Jenny @TheBloggess, because she is really famous and she follows me (but has forgotten I AM SURE) and if she accepts this award she will have to talk about me and then I’ll be famous, and that’s really all that any of us want. Right?)

Cathy @AnEmpoweredSpirit, because she is somehow a soulsista and an excellent advocate for disabled veterans (whoops, I mean people). She’s also Jewish and I don’t have enough Jewish friends, and I love matzo ball soup. (But her sites been hacked so she won’t be able to thank me in short order which sort of pisses me off but I’m nothing if not f-l-e-x-i-b-l-e. Just ask the rabbi that I met in a bar…)

Sue @Housekaboodle , because she’s obsessed with shelters (that’s the cool way of referring to ‘houses’ people), of any kind, and ya can’t have a dry enough roof over your head. God knows Sue’s pulled me out of a house fire enough times (metaphorically speaking, of course.)

Sarah @HouseCrazy, because she is House. Crazy. And. Blonde. And. Beautiful. And. A good writer. And. I Really Hate her for that. But. I am Generous.  With my love. (To really get the wit in this sentence you must read it with brain punctuation emphahsis’ on the. Periods.) I know. I Rock. 

Kb @Kblakecash, because he will not accept this award. He is WAY too cool for this shit.

William @williamkendallbooks, because he has a handsome avatar pic and he visits me often with charming comments and I am a addicted to his love. He can also write-well. I know. An endangered species.

Krisztina @krisztinawiliams because she is a really good mom, and wife, and citizen and I don’t have a freakin’ clue why she follows me, so I consider her mysterious and wonderful.

Rose @EnchantedSeashells because she lives in an enchanted cottage with a tugboat captain and she cusses when she whips up a chocolate soufflé dressed only in spanx in anticipation of his return. (Or is that me?)

Alyson @TheShitastrophy, because every one needs someone to share their shit with and she’s got a boatload of poopoo making a compelling argument for authenticity in the crapper- and on-line.

Roshni @IndianAmericanMom because she brings a unique perspective to this thing we call ‘Being An American’, except she totally rocks it. We should all be so lucky to be from Calcutta. Iowa. Nah, only kidding. Calcutta, India (but without your home phone number).

Tammy @WittyWomanWriting because she’s a woman- not because she’s a witty writer. Jesus- like I need the competition.

Mindy @BetterAfter50, because she’s a conscientious writer for women of a certain age. No, that’s not it- she’s a Huff Post contributor and knows how to make a mean pastry. Let’s get real.

Julie @TheRealJule, because she’s a normal, caring, talented woman, with her shit together. Yea. She’s real (eye roll). 

Linda @elleroywashere, because she’s a musician and a mom and writer and interesting. Did I mention she ROCKS? I’ve had ‘rocks’ with her. Actually ‘on the rocks’ but whatever. 

Stacia @driedonmilk because she titled her blog Dried On Milk for Christ’s sake! Who does this? She does and it’s awesome sauce. Or milk. Which is awesome sauce. Right?

Dee @deeconstructed because If I don’t pass this along she’ll beat the crap out of me. And I’m too old to carry a shank anymore. She’s THAT good and ‘Squirrely’. Gotta watch out for her. Don’t go down that dark alley….

So, that’s it folks! 

Hope I haven’t pissed you off.

If I have- get over it (or call me and we’ll down a fifth and you’ll love me towards the bottom of the bottle). 

If your not on the list it isn’t because your not FABU, it’s because you haven’t kissed my *#@* enough (but there’s always tomorrow). 



  • House Crazy Sarah - WTF is that picture at the end??? Squirrel pie?? That’s disgusting.
    Anyway, thanks for the nod my dear Cheryl. I may be blonde and a published author but I can’t do math worth shit! Plus I have a big beak-y nose so don’t get me started! The “crazy” part is true – but you already know that.
    Your post was super fun!ReplyCancel

  • Krisztina Williams - Thanks, Cheryl.:) Well I follow you because I like your pictures, and you have a lively spirit. Just one correction…I’m single.ReplyCancel

  • Dana Hemelt - Mazel tov on your award, Cheryl! You can add me to your list of Jewish friends, and – I kid you not – I am making matzo ball soup as I type this. What are the chances of that??ReplyCancel

  • Cathy - Thank you for this important award, you nut cake! Since I have no blog at the moment, I will say here I accept this nomination in the manner it was given. How lovely.

    You are a NUT! You are Fab. You are fun. You are true, blue New Orleans.

    I look forward to seeing you and your hat sometime soon. In the meantime, I toast you virtually with a big glass of (SWEET) Manischevitz!

    • A Pleasant House - Ya see…. look at this comment. Perfection. I luv ya woman! ANd I LOVE the Manischevitz! Happy High Holidays my friend! Shalom!ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - Thank you kindly!

    And we’ll down a fifth anyway for good measure!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - We should. Virtually. One night on Twitter. But I hate Twitter. SO maybe just the next time I’m in your beautiful neck of the woods. Thanks for being you William. I luvs ya!ReplyCancel

  • Tammy - Well, how fun was that?! (slapping my knee) And that little varmint looks mighty tasty! Squirrel pie. Why didn’t I think of that? What a honor to be named among such fabulously acclaimed (legends in their minds) bloggers of legendary muse. Humbled. That’s what I am. Humbled and hungry. You, my dear, are one awesome woman! Happy to meet you on a dark corner any night of the week and down a few shots of tequila. Was that my outside voice? It’s all good … birds of feather, so to speak. Thanks for the inclusive honor. Going to go gather me some nuts!ReplyCancel

  • Sue - I am honored and excited to be a nom among these other prestigious candidates. I accept this nom and will reply next week when I get back from family affairs like weddings and funerals with some house hunting along the highway if they don’t arrest me.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - If you don’t get arrested at least once on your house hunting/ breaking and entering forays then I’d say your not doing it right. I HAVE! Hahahaaaaa.ReplyCancel

  • Linda Roy - Thanks Lady! I’m comin’ over for some squirrel hot pockets. I’ll bring the wine. I hear they pair well with a nice chilled Pinot.ReplyCancel

  • Lucy Ball - Funny story. I was just revising my blog and stumbled upon a comment you left about me. 2 YEARS LATER. Whoa. Thanks for accepting this well-deserved award, my friend! xoxoxo

    • Cheryl - HA! Hahahaaaaaaa. Well, better late then never! You’re too funny- actually taking the time now to comment. I adore you~ReplyCancel

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