Hell On Wheels

* I am conducting a little experiment. On Monday’s I will be posting commentary on a Current Event of my choice by which I will proceed to rip someone a new poop hole. It may be fun. I might be sued. But I will always be entertaining. 
So, welcome to…
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As you know, recently, a man, and his wife and child, were terrorized by a motorcycle gang of approximately 25 bikers, on a west side highway that braces NYC from the Hudson River. 

It’s called Henry Hudson Parkway, named after English navigator & explorer Henry Hudson.

Henry, in all his wisdom, convinced both the Dutch and English courts that he could find a Northwest passage from the Atlantic to China- through the middle of Canada (The world was flat then, and rivers ran east to west. The sun also came up from the South and the moon was made of green cheese).

After spending a horrific winter, frozen in place on James Bay, he demanded his boats and crew press westward at the spring thaw.

The crew mutinied.

Henry, his son, and seven sick crew members were put in a dingy and set adrift.

Ba’ bye.

The crew, returned to England, blamed two crew members (that coincidentally never made it back), and were acquitted, but Henry had laid the groundwork for the upper New York State colonization by the Dutch- and motorcycle gangs.

Happy Days. The New World is sooooo proud.

So here’s my jist, boys and girls, I don’t care what (if anything) this terrified man may have done to precipitate this situation. I don’t care if he flipped someone off, or his wife mooned a rider, his child may have spit peas, but- every single one of these God Damn bikers should be strung up in the Village Green, or at least be set adrift in a dingy…

Maybe in the Hudson River.

  • MJ - Agree!ReplyCancel

  • MJ - You right!!!

  • William Kendall - The bikers were in the wrong. Period. And I say that as a biker.

    That Alien seems to be humping the bodywork of the motorbike.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - ANd that one of them video taped it was a ‘gift’! As for the Alien- is that the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen? Yuk.ReplyCancel

  • Linda Roy - It’s disgusting what they did to that driver. And the cop who chimed in…ack…the whole thing turns my stomach. And the bikers posted it on Facebook or something. String ’em up. Tough boys on their $20,000 Harleys picking weekend fights with innocent family men in front of said families. Born To Be Jailed.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Born To Be Jailed would be an Easy Rider. (we’re so good with plays on words aren’t we? Talented that’s what I say. Hahhaaaaa)ReplyCancel

  • Sue - Of course, you are right, I agree, they should be sent out to the Hudson in a dingy, good-bye. It makes me leery of bike groups now. That alien bike is giving me nightmares, wherever did you find such a thing?ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Anything in LARGE groups is a problem for me. Especially motorcycles. As for the Alien bike- ya gotta love the interwebs!ReplyCancel

  • Piper George - That is appalling! I didn’t hear about that before. Thinking of those poor kids in the car seeing their dad assaulted like that, and only one biker was charged!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - It really left me almost speechless. So far I think the police have identified 6 bikers and they have been charged. I hope the lot of them get caught and rot in prison. Great to see you stop by again Piper!ReplyCancel

  • Mary Johnson - Could not agree more.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Preachin’ to the choir am I? Good. Stay in tune (hahhaaaa) Thanks for stopping by Mary- always nice to see you!ReplyCancel

  • Christine Burke - I will be adding “ripping someone a new poop hole” to my vernacular. Thanks for that….ReplyCancel

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