Birthing A Bar

In case any of you were wondering what was going on in the background this summer (while I continued writing and posting for your pleasure)- there was the small challenge of a dreaded House Addition. (oooooh- scarey).

Ben and I (and the kids) have been through many of these before.


Because I can’t keep a lid-on-it.

I just see something that’s bothering me and I start to doodle on a napkin, and then I call a contractor, and then I wave my arms around, and build 3-D models, and assure everyone I don’t really need an architect or a permit, and get out an indelible marker and start to draw on the walls, and before you know it I’ve got a sledge hammer a swingin’ and Ben’s in for a pound- like that. 

Case in point: 
I was fixing dinner.
Ben was making a martini.
He was in my wayand that, my friends…

is how a new room is born.

We carved out a space on the back porch.
I have already found the best place to store the wine. 

The french doors were seperated: One is the door and the other the window.
Their original opening is both widened and raised to the height of
all of our home’s openings- 10ft, and trimmed with wide millwork.
The new light fixture is from Perch


The wall at the rear in photo on left
is now where the new cabinetry is placed.
The cat door was moved.

Interior in-progress (on left)
Finished interior (on right)


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