A New Restaurant Can Be Like A Painting

Sometimes, living in New Orleans, you walk into a painting.

Sometimes, you become part of it.

Sometimes, you change the definition.
tableau noun ta-blo french, from Middle French tablel,  diminutive of table, from Old French. First Known use: 1660: a scene that typically shows an event in history or literature and that is created on stage by a group of people who are dressed in costume and who do not speak or move.

I’m thinking Miriam or Webster better call me…
A beautiful, and noisy lunch with my family,
enjoying escargot, among other delicacies. 

This time it’s not iced tea.

The outdoor courtyard.

A baloney table overlooking Jackson Square.

One of several chandeliers.
One must have chandeliers overhead as often as possible.

Our wonderful host Kendall
616 St. Peter St.
(NW corner of Jackson Square).

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