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During my lifetime I have been present at the forefront of so many important inventions- like pantyhose and Neosporin. 

Think of it.

I grew up with rotary dial telephones, three television stations, padded cotton snow pants, aspirin, coal-fueled hot-water steam heat in school (great for your skin, btw), no seat belts, smoking everywhere, doctors that made house calls, a milkman, no SPF in anything, being put into either an academic or vocational track by third grade (and living long enough to make Mrs. Glaser look like the frigid child-loathing witch she was), kids running wild like neighborhood dogs, nickel candy, cars that had to be ‘pumped’ with several up and down motions on the gas pedal before starting, a butcher, no house insulation, letters and stamps, toys in cereal boxes and drinking glass tumblers with a fill-up (where a real person came out and serviced your car), Look magazine (National Geographic if you were lucky), Taylor and Burton, no recycling, and loose leaf tea that had to be steeped.

Who could have dreamed that microwave ovens would be in every household (or wouldn’t kill you?), or that we could communicate from anywhere and hands-free? That new fibers would keep us dry, warm, and light? That ‘googling’ would become a verb? 
(That there was such a thing as google: a number, btw).

I remember the introduction of frozen foods at the grocery store (Hell- I remember when Super Markets first came on the scene). And when the red, painful, stain of Mercurochrome was replaced with this new antiseptic called Bactine. Genius!

ATM machines! Don’t get me started.

And credit swap stock shelters! Oh boy!

Neil Armstrong walked on the moon on my 11th birthday for God’s sake! On. My. Birthday!

So now I look for the future.

And I see it- not flying cars and telepathy chips, or a pill that turns the carcinogens in cigarette smoke into vitamins (damn it). 

Or one that makes my husband appreciate Notting Hill (DAMN. IT.) 

No. Not those things. 

More like this– a life where if your toothbrush is looking ratty you create a new one within minutes. Where if your lightbulb blows, or you loose your key fob you simply make a new one! Pronto!

Kids bored? Make some toys!

Lost a part when assembling that motherfrickin’ Chinese manufactured coffee table? Viola!

Popped a tooth? Make a new one!

Where a technician measures the exact length, and width, and depth, of a new cardiac stint from you- there on the table, and makes a custom fitting in the room where you are flayed open like a fish for that heart that you abused.

And sometimes s-o-m-e-t-i-m-e-s, a beautiful addition to your collection of ‘busts’ (that are lovingly displayed in the front parlor representing so many of your favorite places and friends and memories- including one brought to you by Homeless Bobby out of a dumpster in appreciation for paying him to rake leaves that weren’t actually there), are made real.

Yes, sometimes the future comes to me.

On a jet plane. 

With loving regards from my son, Chase, who is developing our collective tomorrow.

Because he’s that good.

And shares his mother’s uncanny ability to read tea leaves. 


See the lovely blushing young woman giving her  lover a wayward glance with the Victorian equivalent of a sext? 

She was created in a box.

That’s right- a box.

With a computer ‘program’. 

In front of your eyes.

 In real time. 

Like a miracle, using a 3-D printer, manufactured, created, and developed by 

which is the future- except it’s nowLike at this moment.

With ideas and applications that are only limited to one’s imagination.

So Dream big my friends…
And enjoy your tea.

  • House Crazy Sarah - That’s trippy Cheryl. Even I feel old now!!!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - It’s soooooo cooooool! Amazing to watch as it happens! Really exciting technology in action. I’m so proud of my boy!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Angel Miller - I’ve seen those commercials on TV for 3-D printers. That is really cool! The possibilities are kind of overwhelming.ReplyCancel

  • Michael Mele - Where you there when they invented fire? We have come along way, and I can’t wait to see where we go next, but knowing my luck I’ll be dead when that happens.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - I wasn’t at the actual site where the lightning had struck- but I did advise as to what we should cook for dinner. An what wine to serve. As for your future- I hope it is a long and healthy one- filled with much happiness and laughter my friend.ReplyCancel

  • Tammy Bleck - Brilliant children come from brilliant mothers. The future has always intrigued me. The fact that I cruise the net, send emails, watch movies and make calls all from a device that fits in my pocket still amazes me. I’m learning that not all progress is progress, but have also learned that there is no stopping it. So, 3-D boxes will deliver marvelous inventions, medical life saving products, guns for hoodlums and bombs for terrorists. It’s all so very wonderful and scary at the same time. I’m hanging on to my hat and living the dream. I keep thinking that the lifestyle of one of my fav cartoons, The Jetson’s, will one day be my lifestyle. Hey, it beats riding your car like Fred and Barney!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - So true- the Good, The Bad & the Ugly comes with progress but there is no stopping it, so I too, choose to ride the wave, keep abreast, learn new code, and tighten my work-out shoes with velcro (instead of laces). Even though I loved the Flintstones I prefer to fly. Look out George!ReplyCancel

  • Bryan Jones - You’re wearing well for 75! (Only kidding).

    Loved the trip down memory lane. I remember the party telephone line (where you shared the line and rental with your neighbor). Also, the bench seats and umbrella handbrake in my first car. And only two channels on TV. Ah, I’m getting all nostalgic now.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Bench seats! Of course, and everything was manual- roll down windows, push down locks, trunks that had to be unlocked with keys and those cute guys that came out and pumped your gas and washed your windows! God, I miss those guys.ReplyCancel

  • The Shitastrophy - Wow how does your hubs NOT like Notting Hill? I found myself checking off your memory lane, I missed a few turns but some good ones were in there – and where did all those toys in the cereal boxes go?! Crazy that a machine can make that right in front of you. Maybe I can finally get the perfect pair of earrings?ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Actually he does- he likes anything with Hugh Grant, but I used it to illustrate my point (and I was lazy). This 3-D printing is almost indescribable. I think earrings are only the tip of the lobe!ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - Nothing can make Notting Hill appealing to a guy. It’s just dripping with anti-guy repellent.

    Here we are a year away from 2015, and Doc Brown’s flying DeLorean looks far away from flying.ReplyCancel

  • Roshni AaMom - House calls from doctors were lovely, weren’t they?! :/ And, I still remember Mercurochrome!!
    Your son’s a genius!! I love that bust!!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Our doctor lived across the street. He took care of the entire neighborhood as well as his own patients. I remember when he (and others) were TOLD they had to only practice in an office- no more house calls- he was soooo upset, and went around and apologized to everyone. Boy have times changed!ReplyCancel

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