A Lifetime a Slave

Sitting upon a burial pyre
     Natives long lost gone.
Whiskey built a house of fire
     Black man work at dawn.

Changing hands with Typhoid’s grip
     A daughter takes a man.
Who goes to field and with a whip
     He chooses one light tan.

To house is brought for children’s care
     And midnight lustful deeds.
Sweet Chloe goes without a dare
     Her master’s wants she heeds.

But curious as cat’s black tail
     Her ear does press the door.
Voices. Secrets. All are male.
     Found out and called a whore.

Punishment is swift and steel
     And leaves a blood red scar.
The birds will never call or heal
     As she is sent field far.

While there among the rain and hoe
     Her turban set too high.
A friend not found in ditch or row
     She must go back or die.

A cake to bake for master’s kin
     With poison for to nurse.
She weighed the leaf against the sin
     Instead she brought the hearse.

Hung real slow so as she dies 
     Her body stretched and shed. 
Three days passed for stink and flies 
     Just to make sure she dead.

Weighed with rocks and sent to sink
     The river was her flight.
Sweet Chloe gave one last wink
     And walks the ground at night.

The Myrtles
St. Francisville, La

The ‘Most Haunted House In America’

* The story of the slave Chloe is one of many stories surrounding the history of this historic Plantation. 

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