A Pharmacy of Love

The other day I was talking to my mother and, somehow, we landed on the topic of current medical protocols used in the treatment of both historical, and current diseases. (Full disclosure: She did not swing the conversation this way, but, as I always say- she’s responsible nonetheless).

Mom had recently lost a nephew (my cousin and my age) to cancer (with two of his four siblings also recently diagnosed), her best friend is in kidney failure and deciding whether to proceed with dialysis (or not), and she was bemoaning the number of drugs she, herself, has to take every day.

So, I thought, being a devoted daughter, that a little trip down the disease ridden human road, might put some perspective on her blue mood. 

I’m awesome like that.

“I know Mom. It’s sad, but, so many illnesses are a no-brainer now. Think of how far human medical science has come.”

“I don’t know. I seem to be operating on nothing but drugs.”

“That’s the beauty of it. There are drugs. And better diagnosis, and treatments, and research. There was a time when a common cold turned into phenomena turned into TB turned into six feet under.”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better.”

“Well, it should. Just think- if you had been born just 20 years earlier you’d probably be dead by now.”


Mom? Are you there?

Yes. I’m here. Barely.”

“Remember the time when you had really bad measles as a kid? And that horrendous fever? That’d probably have sterilized you. And I wouldn’t be here!”

“I’m considering it.”

“And the time Dad had his leg blow-through in that industrial baler accident? He probably would’ve had to have it amputated!”

“Hummmmm. ‘Why only the leg?’ I asked…”


“Nothing. So, you’re saying I should be grateful. That medical science is keeping me alive.”

“Exactly. And isn’t it great?”

“That’s a matter of opinion.”

“My opinion is that I’m happy to have you drugged!”

“Do you ever hear yourself?”

“Hahahaaa. It could be worse. You might have been given cocaine-laced mood enhancers, and copious amounts of flavored alcohol under the guise of restorative elixirs, with the doctor coming to your house, being in your house, surrounded by your doting family, giving your last will & testament depending on individual dedication to your pet projects?” 

“And your point is?”…

We’ve come along way.

The Pharmacy Museum
514 Chartres Street
The Quarter

Street Sign/ Love Potions/ Birthing forceps (eeeah)

A mind-dumbing array
of medicinal cures and tools
that will make you grateful to be healthy
and a little
sad that others don’t still party.

Interior View/ Leech jug/ flavored elixers laced with whowho

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