Charcoal That Body

As we age, we actually kind of rust– like bad iron or a streak left too long on the grill, but instead of crusty red dust and muscle tissue like burned steak, it’s grey hair and weak knees.

Whereas, rust is the result of a chemical reaction between iron and oxygen in the presence of water, and cooking meat over high heat releases a combination of carcinogenic ionic carbons, a lack of oxygen, and our decreased ability to fully carry oxygen to our body systems, creates a kind of inflammation that prevents our body systems and organs from operating at an optimum level.

This is why anti-inflamatories, such as fish oils and low fat meat proteins, gently roasted instead of incinerated, coupled with cardio-intense exercise, like jogging and spinning, are so important. They slow down the bodies natural aging process.

A well balanced, low-fat, low-sugar, low-heat diet, coupled with heart-pumping lung-filling exercise is the sensible conclusion.

Which, of course…

I ignore entirely.

The Charcoal
house burger
with Mayo, Mustard, Pickle,
Grilled White Onion, Iceburg Lettuce, and Yellow Cheddar.

But, a Charcoal Burger was not enough- oh no.
I accompanied it with their signature ADULT
milkshake- this one is their KingCake with a little Vodka!
I now know what grown-up Jesus is drinking in Heaven– because he can.

2200 Magazine St.
New Orleans

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