Those Crazy French

Once upon a time, in a land of culinary delights…

     was a group of well-connected citizens that desired to provide a fallen despot with a safe house. 

It would be a peaceful place, without drama, but with groupies- he desired groupies.

The mayor of the city offered his residence.

Renovations were well underway when a courier arrived with a message:

“The Emperor is dead.”

Far be it for these loyal citizens to waste a perfectly good piece of real estate, so they opened a bar.

It’s New Orleans after all.

Photo: credited to Todd Leckie

Napoleon House
500 Chartres Street
The Quarter

In addition, the The Cabildo Museum in New Orleans is in possession of Napoleon’s death mask. 

I stopped by to take a look.

A Small head with a large nose.
As I understand it- he was constantly
trying to prove all of his appendages were large.
He liked his horses blonde, his women to take a saddle,
and his dominion vast.

What a character!

Sorta like this guy, 
Francois Hollande.

Those crazy French.

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