A Pleasant House’s 2nd Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my little Blog!

It was 2 years ago that I found out what a blog was.

Up until that point I thought it was just that sooty perspiration left under arms in LA.

I was reading Martha Stewart Living and they featured several gardening bloggers in an article. 

I still follow one. (Here.)

I thought, ‘I can do that!’ “I garden!’  ‘I have a opinions!’ (Big mouth.) 

So off I went, into the interwebs to school myself.

Happy Days! (What a learning curve- like a few decades of curve.)

The first few weeks the only people that read me were my kids. (Husband was too scaredy cat- ya big fat baby.)

Then I joined a few Blogging groups and started to actually READ other blogs.

Oh my. (There was a lot of whining out there and I’m not depressed. Could this be a deal breaker?) 

The gardening stuff soon became verbatim (How many times can you write about the same tomato plant?)

Not enough, so I added cooking.


But that would mean I would actually have to cook- a lot.

rethink rethink

So I finally decided to write about my observations of life and let my evil twin out of my car’s trunk. (She didn’t like it there. And she was too loud and needed to be fed. What a pain.)

And all of a sudden (months) my readership started to grow!

And people started to comment! (Throw stuff at me.)

And I was awarded a few accolades! (Could you please shut-up Cheryl?)

My overall pageviews are over 125 trillion! (Thousands.)
I’ve garnered hundreds of dedicated (crazy) followers.
And I average around 1000 (20) comments per day!

And it’s all because of you Dear Readers.

Dear Dear Wonderful (Insane and emotionally disturbed) readers.

I love you so.

In the meantime, I’ll keep checking the news…

 (scanning my brain) 
for fresh material.

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