Channeling My Inner Bagel

I voke up famisheeshed da otter veek.

Boot my shovrode vas 925 miles avay, and me vizout my oyvn is like makin da zup vizout a nip.

Vat to do?

Vhy- let some po shlo kokhn da breakfast fors me!

I done nuff.

I old and da bunions are makin me kvetch.

So, I entear Da Bagel

Got my ear talked away.

Da head man like my teeth.

Day all mine- still.

He vent on and on bout history of bagel.

Kibitz Kibitz Kibitz

Poleesh in nature. Refined by da Jewes in Krakowski bout 1610ish.

Enjoyed da vorld over eva since because doe Jews like da food.

Who new? 

Not this goy! 

But my fada always say I had chutzpah, so whadaya gonna do?
The Bagel
3107 Broadway

And the knish not bad ether.
I have a bite.
Jeez a lettle one.

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