Marie Antoinette’s Favorite Cake

History Lesson: (You’re welcome)

Marie Antoinette, Austrian princess, age 14, is sent to France to be schooled in the ways of the French court as the future wife of the future King.

At age nineteen, she marries the shy, sheltered, not up-for-the-job boy-king in front of 3,000 people at a party that lasts 21 days. 

They have nothing in common- not even the knowledge of how to have sexual intercourse.

A marriage counselor, in the form of her brother-n-law is sent to advise the King on how to do his duty.

Three children follow.

Their first son dies young.

They are heartbroken- together.

The couple begin to rely on each other.

Marie buries herself in e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e frivolities to forget her sorrow.

The King allows this even though his country has gone through several droughts and his people are starving.

He stays busy ignoring his advisors and gaining weight.

Marie takes a lover. 

It is rumored the lover buys her a diamond necklace with court money and that she pawns it in London to further line her pockets.

Not true- but, whatever.

The people, fueled by our American Revolution, decide they want freedom from a system that is maintained by hungry peasants for fat aristocrats.

They storm the Bastille (And take over the government- badly, I might add.)

They execute a lot of people (France pretty much goes loco for twelve years.)

The ‘Citizen’ population calls for the execution of the Royal family.

Louis signals that he is willing to rule as a figure head without any real power, not really believing that his ‘subjects’ doubt his Sun King status. They’ve always been such good little serfs.

No luck.

Off with their heads!

Marie is credited with suggesting that if the people are starving then, ‘Let them eat cake!’

And scores of future generations have been led to believe she meant vanilla with buttercream frosting.


First of all, there is no evidence she EVER said this, and secondly, ‘Cake’ was the residue, or droppings, found in ovens from previously baked breads. 

The ‘over-flow’ if you will.

To bad it isn’t true, though.

Because cake is so delicious.

No one overthrows a dictatorship if their bellies are full.

I have first-hand knowledge.

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