Under One Roof

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if you could just have everything you needed, when you needed it, right at your fingertips?

Like a nail file, polish remover, and cotton balls in the garden, hidden among the cabbage after you’ve broken an old spade on a rock and nearly sliced your finger off? Forget the bandages. You’ve got a reputation to protect.

Or, a functioning plunger by every toilet? (I’m lookin’ at you Chase).

Or, witty retorts that just fall out of your brain- ’cause you’re THAT brilliant. 

Or, correct change at the toll booth, which, by not having, requires you to dig in your purse, consequently holding up the 500 other cars behind you that are now flipping you off and promising to follow you to your exit. 

Or, unsweetened iced tea no matter what region of the country you’re in? 24-7. With actual ice. And lemon for the Love of God.

Or, your license and registration being produced without your looking roadkill guilty. For that matter, your license and boarding pass for the same reasons. Damn those pesky Homeland Security rules. Though I enjoy the full body scan.

Or, your password, user name and 4-digit pin code when you can’t access Pay-Per-View and your husband is accusing you of not paying the bill on time and he’s on a Band Of Brothers bender?

Or, gift wrap with coordinating ribbon AND tape? The tape is always on it’s last legs- like my last nerve when I realize I haven’t wrapped the gift yet, and we’re heading out the door.

Or, having an extra package of hose- in the right size, when the tights you put on have inexplicable holes in them. Why didn’t I notice this when I removed them last? Oh, that’s right. 

Or, that piece of fabric you meant to put in your purse when you where shopping for wallpaper but instead grabbed the grocery list which helps you not at all when choosing an appropriate toile

Yes, important things like this.

Which is why it was so delightful to come across a group of artisans under the same roof that could take care of all of my needs…

and they are Many.
3954 Magazine St.
New Orleans

A Collection
Fine Art, Lighting, & Furniture

George Marks– Fine Art Paintings
Lume & Nierman Weeks– Lighting
Kathy Slater– Interiors & Tables
Julie Silvers– Fine Art Paintings & Ceramics
Fifi Laughlin– Interiors, Lighting & Vases
Adele Sypesteyn– Fine Art Paintings
Reworks– Home Decor, Lighting & Tables

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