Wythe Me Here?

When my children call, I don’t always talk long (or even pick-up the phone) especially with my son. 

He’s a talker.


Case in point:

“Hey Mom! You haven’t been here for a while.”

“That’s true. I’ve been busy visiting your sister ’cause I love her more.”

“We both know that’s not true. Hahaha. You’re so funny.”


“Wanna come? Like next week? I have a day off.”

“A single day for the woman who pushed you out of a garden hose. You had better do better then that.”

“Well, I mean a long-weekend. We can spend three whole days together! And you can stay with us!”

“I don’t ‘stay’ with people I need to continue a relationship with.”

“You’d have your own room.”

“I’ve seen your room.”

“I’m neat now. But there’s a great hotel in my neighborhood. You could stay there!”

“Of course.”

“And we could have drinks at their rooftop bar and eat at the restaurant. It’s getting great reviews.”

“I’m sure.”

“And they serve breakfast.”


“And I could stay with you real late and we could talk for hours!”

“Would we have to?”


And all I can say is…

Thank God.
The Center of my Universe

(all 6 ft 2 inches)
 New York

80 Wythe Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Which I  CAN NOT recommend highly enough!

Photos (l-r)
The entrance- My private patio outside of my fabulous room.
The Building signage on the wall of the warehouse above my private patio outside of my fabulous room- The fluffy died-and-gone-to Heaven bed in my fabulous room in which I could enjoy the view of the totally cool warehouse signage on my private patio (where Chase & I solved all of the World’s problems ’cause we’re awesome like that).

  • Larry Larry - He had me at “drinks on the rooftop”. Hitler would have had me at “drinks on the rooftop”.ReplyCancel

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