The other day, I got to thinking (always dangerous).

About the reasons, events, and moments, in my life when I have experienced hackle raising(ie: I will come at your eyes).

They are far and few between all the love, however, it has happened, and when it does it is not pretty.

Here are a few classics (in chronological order):

  • My little sister was being picked on by neighborhood bully Kenny. He was knocking her off of her bike when we played Bike Tag (which, if you have never played- is awesome).I cut his tires so he couldn’t play.

  • My little sister was being picked on by some idiots in Middle School (I was in High School). I arranged for a little visit by my friend, Reggie, on his Harley, to the playground. They had a little talk. Problem solved.

  • My best High School friend, Debby, was being called a lesbian by several mean girls. The rumors spread. Debby was devastated, but it was nothing a full-on-the-mouth kiss in front of a full gymnasium of peers, and a counter-rumor of scabies among the blondes, couldn’t fix. I’m brunette, by the way.

  • Assorted teachers that found my son disruptive because he was asking to take tests before the course had been fully taught. The only thing disrupted was his learning- at least until he was allowed to accelerate through the system. Idiots.

  • A beautiful, sunny, weekend day of grass cutting, house painting, chores, and happiness, when I realized that the woman across the street was yelling serious obscenities at my kids because she had gone off her rocker (and her meds). A visit to the fence line with a call-out to the public sidewalk, peppered with a shut down in controlled, but colorful, speech, found her raving when the police arrived, and my neighbor chanting, ” Oh oh. Cheryl’s in the house.” Bye-bye crazy lady.

  • The charitable gift of a ten dollar bill, to a sweet young thing, bemoaning a car malfunction down the road, when, I saw her skip off to the streetcar line with a young man, who had magically appeared out of the bushes, whereby I followed the street car all the way downtown, and by which, when they disembarked, I pulled up along side them and demanded my money back. Startled as they were, the money was reimbursed.

My list could go on and on and on…

But it’s just not my list. There are other’s who have had such moments, like my friend Alyson at The Shitastrophy


I only wish I had been there.


I’ll make it RAIN!


  • MJM - Dang girl, remind me to never get on your bad side…that is unless it involves a hot chick-on-chick kiss.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - That really happened. ANd the rumors shut-down IMMEDIATELY. Ya gotta know how to work a crowd.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Did I respond to this MJM? I’m getting used to WP commenting system. Some tines I miss a few. Just wanted to make sure I’m sharing the luv!ReplyCancel

  • Alyson Shitastrophy Herzig - A good reminder to never piss you off…you would have quite a business being rented out to ‘solve’ problems. I think it’s called an enforcer. No one would expect such a petite and polite woman would be capable of your skills. But I know, and Kenny surely knows too;) Love you lady…seriously. ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Being petite & polite is my cover.ReplyCancel

  • Carol Cassara - GRRR! go get ’em!

    • Cheryl - You recognize the Bear don’y you Carol? HeheeeeeeReplyCancel

  • Cary Vaughn - You popped a tire at such a young age. That is so adorable. The Momma Bear in your is pretty cool (especially the demanding of the $10 back).ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Yes. I popped a few things at a tender age.ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - Thanks for sharing the link back to Alyson.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - You’re SO welcome. She’s a hoot- though not this time.ReplyCancel

  • Marcia @ Menopausal Mother - I like your inner warrior! Isn’t it such a freeing feeling when you stand up for yourself?ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Yes it is. Not always easy, or comfortable, but then again, what worthwhile ever is?ReplyCancel

  • Michael M. Fury - Badass. On second thought, i like your ass, i ment you act like a badass. Whew, glad i clarified, could have been in trouble. You might have kicked my ass, but then i might have liked that.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Hahahaaaaaa….you never needed ass kicking- now, your brother Pat, on the other hand….ReplyCancel

      • Michael M. Fury - Yea, I’d like to see you kick Pat’s ass, all what, 120# of you. Maybe verbally but physically …..ReplyCancel

        • Cheryl - One can dream…. (*wink* I like all of you).ReplyCancel

  • Sue - We need more inner Mommy Bears like you in the world. Then maybe the bullying will stop.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Ya know Sue? I was raised to stand up for myself and others. I have a great Mom.ReplyCancel

  • Kathleen O'Donnell, Author - You’re like a Mafia Don…or should I say Donna?! Go, Cheryl.ReplyCancel

  • Diane Tolley - Oh, to be like you! Do you offer courses?ReplyCancel

  • Mis Anthropy - Your a good friend to be on the right side of.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - My momma taught me right!First thing I learned was never to be on her wrong side. Wowza!ReplyCancel

  • Linda Roy - Don’t nobody mess with Cheryl! You’re da bomb. I’m glad you’re part of my posse.
    And I love the new look of the blog! Great tag line!ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Thank you Miss Linda! I’m glad you like it and between us, I think we could rule the world! HA!ReplyCancel

  • Penelope Shelfer - YAY! I, too, can Make It Raaaiiin!ReplyCancel

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