How To Get A Kid’s Attention. Scare Them.


There’s no need for an alarm- they wake you up instead. Like clockwork.



Their feet are pounding through the floor above your head. Their voices can be heard beginning with soft chatter and then building to the inevitable screaming match.


“That my book. She can’t have it! It all mine! Mine. Meahhh!”


“It’s not just your book. It belongs to all of us and you can’t even read yet. I’m gonna play with your cars.’



“Those my cars! You can’t have! Where my red one? Mine. Meahhh!”


“I want to go swimming? Can we go swimming? I want to go swimming. Aunt Cheryl? Do you hear me?”


“I hungry.”


“What smells? Oh oh. She’s throwing it.”


“I like my present Aunt Cheryl. Box is good for making Batman mask. Where my car?”


“Whatcha watching on TV? Are those good men or bad men? Mommy doesn’t let us watch this. Can we watch it?”


“You have lot of pretty shoes. Look! Oh oh. It broke.”


“Aunt Cheryl, I found my car but I…but I…but I can’t reach it. It’s wet.”


“I still hungry.”


So you might ask what do you do with four youngins’, under the age of eight, that see everything in your world as a potential new toy to be disassembled and dropped in the koy pond?


You scare the hell out of them, of course.



Welcome to Hotel Cheryl…


“Any time of the year you can find it here.”







Walking Leaf insect (Phylliidae) which I convinced them I had a large jar full at the house. They may have to be released.  You never know. PINIMAGE

Walking Leaf insect (Phylliidae) which I convinced them I had a large jar full of at the house. They may have to be released. You never know.


Hallways full-up with frightening creatures. Oh yea.PINIMAGE

Hallways full-up with frightening creatures. Oh yea.



Things grow BIG in Aunt CherylPINIMAGE

Things grow BIG in Aunt Cheryl’s world. Beware.



Even the lighting is infested. I likey.PINIMAGE

Even the lighting is infested. I likey.


Works every time.PINIMAGE

Works every time.

  • Tammy - Fear is the best weapon, second only to guilt. Buahahahahaa!ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Spoken by a true Catholic- or is it- UNDERSTOOD by a defrocked Catholic, which would be me.ReplyCancel

  • Cary - I completely endorse this message. If you need help with scaring them, let me know. It would be my pleasure.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Even though I am quite good at this- assistance may be needed. I’ll let you know.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah @Thank You Honey - LOL. They good thing is they go home! Then you’ll laugh about the whole thing and even miss them? Maybe? Ok maybe not! They will definitely be talking about Aunt Cheryl for a long time and you’ll be the hero!ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Yes- I miss them already. Mostly just seeing them pee their pants though! HA!ReplyCancel

  • Lana - Love this! I’d have to come up with something else to scare my younger son though – he’s not afraid of bugs 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Ghost stories always did the trick with my kids. No. Wait! CLOWNS! Bring in the CLOWNS!!!ReplyCancel

  • Andrea B (@goodgirlgonered) - This would probably scare ME more than her! 😉 My daughter loves all the ickky creatures out there!ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - The Insectarium is amazing. Very hands-on. They just added a butterfly pavilion which is glorious! If you and yours are ever here in NOLA you shouldn’t miss it.ReplyCancel

  • Roshni - hehehehe!! I bet they tiptoed whenever they were walking past you after that!!ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - All I had to do was put my hand in a pocket and they stood still. Brilliant. heheheeeReplyCancel

  • Janie Emaus - I love having a house full of kids. I like to tell scary stories at bedtime.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - I love it too Janie, but their mother wouldn’t let me tell scary stories so I had to do it during the day. Still worked!ReplyCancel

  • Carol Cassara - Tee hee!

  • Gary Sidley - I like it! Fear is a potent motivator (and, more relevantly in this case, de-motivator). My approach is a bit less subtle – like “shut the f*ck up before I stick your head down the toilet!” (Only joking; no hate mail necessary). ReplyCancel

  • Princess Rosebud - Fear CAN be quite the motivator lolReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - Boy I am so glad I don’t have kids!ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - They are a handful! We went from zero to full blast in a second. I’ve got to get good at this again before my own grandkids are born! God willing.ReplyCancel

  • Esther Lombardi - Love it! Great pics 🙂 I want to go! Looks like lots of fun… ReplyCancel

  • Mari Collier - Fortunately, I never had that problem. I was always up before the children and I only had two. ReplyCancel

  • Rena McDaniel - When our children became teenagers my husband paid them back every Saturday morning at 8 a.m. yelling “Housekeeping”! Such fun!ReplyCancel

  • Vashti Q - You had me with the giant, scary butterfly! I love the way you think! He,he!ReplyCancel

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