The Flamingo In Us All



I am a LOVER of all things a tad on the flamboyant side.



Notice I said ‘tad’ as if to qualify myself and allow some room for wiggle because I’m nothing if not a fence sitter and you all know that’s a lie.


I was recently at the Audubon Zoo and saw these beauties.



The Flamingo In Us AllPINIMAGE

The Flamingo In Us All



I do believe Life is only one round and we better be able to spread our wings, and if we don’t have any wings, or short wings, or wings that don’t flap strongly (which is okay) I hope we get scooped-up in the fly-by.


Some of my personal examples:


  • Turning up the music REAL loud when Ben is out of town and practicing my Janet Jackson headset-wearing bone-crushing moves OR my Barbra Streisand chiffon gown-single spotlight- gently holding mic with head-drawn-back stylings. Either way it works my inner Flamingo.

  • Lunch. With wine. And walking home giving directions to tourists.




Saying YES when someone asks me to be on Video.




Which is what happened when my friend, Chad Harris, (owner with his lovely wife Beth of the amazing GARDEN GATES), asked me to be his Episode 1, on a new series of New Orleans gardens he’s filming.


I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille


So, if your’e ever in the hood, and need a splash of seasonal color, of course, stop by their establishment


BUT, even if you’re NOT in the Best City on Earth, you can still spread your wings and exercise your inner Flamingo, with a click and a swoosh (and a credit card) shopping their Lifestyle on-line stylings.


Tell them my Flamingo sent you. 




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  • Jason (from Dealspotr) - Love flamingos. Very nice post. Well done.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Thanks Jason. They really ARE beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Cary - You’re a bad ass, and I mean that in the best possible way.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Even I’m afraid to get on my ‘wrong’ side. HeheheeeeReplyCancel

  • carollynn - From one Flamingo to another, you look fab in the video. And if we’re being honest, we’re talking a hellofalotta flamboyant, and that is perfect.ReplyCancel

  • Doreen McGettigan - I love Flamingos but I suppose I need to let mine fly a bit more often.
    Cheryl your garden is just gorgeous. I love that the fountain is from Pennsylvania and the fish are so cute. Love the video:)ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Thanks Doreen! Ben has the fish trained like pets! They come to the top when they see him and nearly jump out. Amazing what ‘food’ will do.ReplyCancel

  • Nancy Hill (@Nerthus) - I am a frequent flamingo flier. We even had pink flamingo lawn ornaments as trail markers to the meadow on the mountain where we were married! Aren’t estate sale finds (like fountains) wonderful.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - God yes! I LOVE estate sales! Somehow this large fancy place was being sold off piece-by-piece and the lady who bought the fountain knew of me and our garden (at that time) and called Ben and asked if he’d like to buy it. It was so heavy he had to get a few friends to help him move it. I’m glad he did!ReplyCancel

  • Carol Cassara - I LOVE your garden! I want to come sit in it next trip to New Orleans!ReplyCancel

  • Sue - Your Flamingoness made me so happy today. Your garden is amazing and it was so nice to see the fountain with the fish.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Flamingoness! I love that term! Yes Yes Yes!!!ReplyCancel

  • Karen D. Austin - Flamingo is a great mantra for joy, self-expression and exuberance (among other things — as good mantras are super open ended). Thank you for the words and images in that dimension. FLAMINGO!ReplyCancel

  • Lisa at Grandma's Briefs - Absolutely to die for! Love your garden and, especially, the private courtyard with fountain.

    What a super series. Very cool! Thank you for sharing and letting us peak into your private space. 😀ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - My pleasure! I’m so happy you stopped by!!ReplyCancel

  • Joan Harrington - What a fantastic site!! Great post and YOU GO GIRL!!!ReplyCancel

  • Susan Cook Bonifant - Just taking a moment after reading this to think about my own particular Flamingo was fun. And yes, yes, yes to the loud music when nobody’s around. Also singing in the car.ReplyCancel

  • Abby - Love that hat you’re wearing. And yes, Cheryl, you’re officially famous – even before that episode!ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - I’ve had that hat for ages. It folds flat when I travel to the beach and, of course, keeps the sun off my aging neck in the garden. ps: I love being kinda famous!ReplyCancel

  • Ruth Curran - I love the image of you strolling back from lunch after a glass of wine giving directions with style and flare! Thank you for, as always, making me smile!ReplyCancel

  • Lois Alter Mark - Flamingos are awesome – and so are you! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Leanne Le Cras - was that iced tea you’re holding? very Southern (altho’ my knowledge comes from Duck Dynasty and their gardens are nothing like yours!) Gorgeous courtyard and you looked fabulous. Now I’m off to discover my flamingo 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Estelle Sobel Erasmus - Love that photo of you. I also love flamingos. I can’t wait to meet you–the special flamingo from New Orleans.ReplyCancel

  • Rena McDaniel - I love how your gardens are separated into different areas! That’s my favorite thing about New Orleans, the little secret back getaways! I was just there at the end of last summer and probably walked right past your house. It’s nice to see bloggers that you know but don’t know and how they look and live! Your gardens and you are very beautiful!ReplyCancel

  • Chris Carter - YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS AND ADORABLE!! And your gardens… OH MY GOSH HOW AMAZING!!! I want to come stay with you… and sit out there for HOURS. Please?

    I lived in uptown for a year, when I did my clinical training at Depaul Hospital. (Is that still there? Psych hospital. I think that was the name…lol) Gosh, 1989-1990 I believe it was. I absolutely adored New Orleans!! Looking at the video makes me long to go back. 🙂

    You ARE a FLAMINGO!!ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Depaul is not still here, as far as I know. NOLA misses you too! Come on by anytime, the door is always open!ReplyCancel

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