Oprah Winfrey Making Waves


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Oprah Winfrey Making Waves

On January 2, late in the afternoon, I found myself surfing *surfing through cable channels. I did not exhibit perfect form *hang ten and nail it *carve the wave. I instead, found myself in *chowder a daze and regretfully stopped on *wiped-out in a *bowl on a channel of *clamshell crap otherwise known as MSNBC.


*Disclaimer: I do not surf but I’m using the lingo to make myself sound cool- and young, and athletic. All lies but let’s go with it anyways.


Before me was a female host spouting a litany of reasons she had found herself “a bit distressed” over Oprah Winfrey’s new commercial for Weight Watchers.


Melissa Harris-Perry, whom MSNBS hopes is providing “edgy analysis and (sic) discussion of political, cultural and community issues”, went on for 5:02 minutes about how the Queen Of Everything has not only sold-out to the world’s leading commercial provider of weight management services, but, how Oprah, somehow, shouldn’t talk about her goal because Oprah is perfect just the way she is and the host, Ms. Perry, finds Oprah’s personal goal for weight loss in the new year to be more about body image, and aren’t we all past this already.


Let me condense it for you:


Melissa Harris-Perry, a self-proclaimed feminist progressive, feels Oprah shouldn’t discuss her desire (again) to lose weight, with the public because Ms. Harris has a child born with the same birthday as Ms. Winfrey, and she uses Ms. Winfrey as a role model for being all you can be- except being a normal woman with normal middle age weight gain that she’s not feeling all that great about.


Where, oh where,  do I begin?


Let’s start with the still unclear manifesto of the Feminist: Dear Lord woman are still damned if they don’t and damned if they do- by other woman, which makes the entire significance of the ‘Feminist’ objective a little *slashed confusing.


Yes, Oprah bought 10% of the company and agreed to do promotional work for the brand.


So what.


Does that make her desire to get back to a lighter weight disingenuous?




Does Oprah have tremendous influence?


Yes, but again, how does this lessen a healthy message?


It doesn’t.


What I find soooooo head-shaking about the commentary is that Ms. Harris touts the societal danger of unrealistic female imaging  and yet places Oprah on the highest pedestal of all; so high, in fact, that she doesn’t believe Oprah should publicly discuss personal physical/health/psychological goals because it might influence young woman to be more body conscience.


It’s pretty simple: Oprah doesn’t like the way she feels and looks. This is one piece of her puzzle *stick she hasn’t been able to conquer *rip.


Ms. Winfrey has every right to encourage people to get a handle *leash on their *fin weight.


Yes, she has a financial incentive, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t need the money.


I think the one that #tanked seriously blew this message was Ms. Harris.


She should probably learn to take her *goofy-foot editorial skills and *cutback turn around ’cause Oprah’s asked me to her home in Hawaii and after we *rip a point break out of her quiver have fun we’re going to eat a big fresh salad and discuss the merits of having women like you on our *board a part of our inner dialogue.


Wipe-out Ms. Harris…




  • Sheryl Kraft - I definitely do not think Oprah’s message is a negatibve one; she is seeking to improve herself, and admits to her past failures with losing weight. That’s honest, if you ask me.ReplyCancel

  • Amy Abbott - I really wanted to write about the whole issue but I was too busy eating ice cream at the time. Honestly, I don’t understand MHP’s take on this. And honestly I don’t find Oprah on the whole weight thing motivating, and, I find myself screaming at the television. Oprah is rich enough to have George Clooney measure and cook all her food. She’s had a personal trainer; she’s had a cook. If she STILL needs to lose weight, then I might as well hang it up for good. Meanwhile, I’m reading about the shortage of vanilla bean in Madagascar, now that may REALLY impact my life because I really like homestyle vanilla.ReplyCancel

  • Carolann - That woman (Melissa Harris-Perry) is freaking nuts! I swear she is. I can see it in her eyes and her body language. I can’t bear to even listen to her for 30 seconds. I totally agree with you on this. What a nightmare for woman…we just can’t win!ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - I felt so bad, not just for Oprah, but for us all. I couldn’t believe my ears.ReplyCancel

  • Mari Collier - Why criticize Oprah? She will do what she wants. As far as being perfect, the majority of us are not. So what? Feminist just love to have something to carp about to make the world feel guilty. That last statement from someone who fought to receive the same wage as a man and succeeded.ReplyCancel

  • Mary La Fornara Gutierrez - Why should anyone care??? If Oprah wants to get healthy, good for her! If she wants to encourage others because she knows first hand how difficult it is, good for her! Ms. Harris needs to be her daughter’s role model, it’s not Oprah’s responsibility. As for the people who are judging Oprah for trying again, GET A LIFE!ReplyCancel

  • Diane - I’m not worried about looks. I just care how I feel. Why do we women tear each other down instead of encouraging our sisters to feel their best? It’s a conundrum . . .ReplyCancel

    • Carollynn - Exactly, why do women tear each other down when we need to stick together? Ms. Harris has an opinion, I don’t agree with it, but I support her right to say it.ReplyCancel

      • Cheryl - I support her right, of course, but we can certainly disagree– and I do!ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - It’s a conundrum for the ages…… (head shaking)ReplyCancel

  • Carol Cassara - Thanks for weighing in on this. (I couldn’t help it) As a woman with more than a few to lose, it really IS about health at this age. Oprah’s diet failures have been public so I give her credit for trying again.ReplyCancel

  • Lois Alter Mark - Having gone to Australia with Oprah as an Ultimate Viewer, you will never hear me say a negative word about her. She is so inspiring and so genuine, I’m a fan for life.ReplyCancel

  • Laura Ehlers - After seeing the Oprah commercial – in which she speaks to ‘not having a event to get thin for or a special pair of jeans to fit into’ – I think she is doing a good job. No where does she condem her own looks or mention a goal weight. There is negative body image and there is unhealthy body/lifestyle. Two very different things and wanting to improve the later is in no way endorsing the former. (and next time you get ‘stuck in a chowder’ may I suggest a bad sci-fy movie?!!!)ReplyCancel

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