Baking Up A Home


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Baking Up A Home

I have lived in many domiciles.


Only including the houses my husband and I have owned- I count 9. NINE. Holy shit.


If you had asked me when I was little if this is how I saw my life unfolding I would have said two things: ‘No’ and ‘Interesting’.


I sometimes ask myself ‘why?’ and, of course, the hard facts are clear: career choices- and they still are, but there’s also been my willingness to keep pushing the proverbial envelope along side my husband- being masters of our own plan. Stretching our Universe.


I was raised in a town where most people stayed put in only one house for the better part of a life time (or until divorce required a change of affordable address).


My mother lived in the home she and my father built- for 31 years.


The longest I’ve lived in a home of my own has been 10+ years (but in all honesty, one time someone knocked on our door and asked us what it would take to sell).


Very early on in our marriage two things happened at the same time: First, growing a career meant being willing to go where opportunity knocked, and secondly, we made a shit load of moola in each and every resale.


This was before HGTV and the idea of ‘flipping’ homes.


Turned out I had a knack for it, much like baking a cake: Take some basic ingredients and turn it into a delicious dessert. With the addition of a little of this and a pinch of that, you had a party everyone wanted to be invited to. Noise makers included.




I could have sold tickets and sometimes I have- to raise money for a ’cause’ in the form of a house tour.


Ben and I have owned two condo’s, two different second homes, tall homes and short. Homes in three states, two counties, one parish. Some in Cities. Some the burbs. Water. Water. Everywhere- or not. Sometimes mowed lawn and concrete sidewalks. Sometimes just down the street.


We have friends all over the country and several cities we know like the back of our hands. Many places we feel ‘at home’ in and several more to explore.


But the one place we’ve never hung our hats is in the country. The God blessed green valleys of a gentrified rural nature. The kind of place where you go for a walk on your own back 40 and get Blue Apron delivered by noon. The kind of place where you can watch your grandkids grow.


I think the country is calling…


And I’m baking cake.


Baking A Home


  • Myke Todd - I have lived in a secluded rural area for twenty years. Before that, I was in the heart of the suburbs of Memphis. I went back to Memphis last week, for a high school alumni function. While there, I cruised my old neighborhood. Everything was so much smaller. I was lost on what once were familiar streets. The city block I lived on has more people that the unincorporated town I now reside in.

    A hundred miles was a world away…ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - I’ve also visited the road I grew-up on and it looks so dated. Almost like a cloudy film as been applied- not the way I emotionally remember it. Hence- the desire for open spaces. Can I visit you? HeheeeeeeReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski - I lived in so many homes I lost count.I must have Gypsy blood. However, not as good at making moola on the moves except a couple of times until the bottom fell out. Now we live in the country in the middle of LA.It’s pretty cool.ReplyCancel

  • Diane Tolley - The country always calls me. You can breathe there!
    Wow! Nine?! You are amazing! And if your ability to renew and make amazing applies to houses as it did your cutie-cute trailer, I am not surprised that people stand in line for a chance to own something that’s been ‘Cheryl-ized’! I would!ReplyCancel

  • Sue Loncaric - I love the Coast where I live in Queensland. We divide our time between Brisbane and the Gold Coast with its beautiful beaches. We also have moved house quite a bit in our married life but hoping to make the beach our home. I do love the country life though and yes the baking!ReplyCancel

  • Leanne Le Cras - we’re in the “country” well we used to be on a couple of acres and then moved to a more urban setting but still out of the city. It’s a nice place to mellow out but not as “happening” as it is in the big smoke. Maybe you could just park that caravan on an acreage and start homesteading from scratch 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Mari Collier - Brave soul, I hate moving! Lanny and I only owned four homes. Yes, we made money everytime we sold, but it was the economy, nothing I did. Lanny’s carpenter abilities though are another matter. The last one was really a windfall. This one, though, they will have to carry me out of the door. I suggest you not move too far out of the city if you buy a back 40. You’ll be bored out of your skull or you will spend the whole time tearing everything apart and redoing it over, and over.ReplyCancel

  • Carolann Iadarola - How smart of you to flip homes before it was popular! I think moving can be fun and bring lots of new exciting experiences. That cake looks yummy! enjoy the’s beautiful isnt it? We’ve lived in the country for 22 years now and as much as we love the city. This is our home!ReplyCancel

  • Barb(y) - Hey Cher
    I love my open spaces ( although only that of Music street) and still love good ole Clarion Drive! Come on back to Geauga county? I sense it’s more about Montana or the great western views! All the same, enjoy your next plan and the journey!

    • Cheryl - Well, if I could live on your place Geauga would be the pick! Wide open spaces surrounded by GREEN is a clue to my obtuse teaser. I promise to let you know Barb(y). HA! XXOOOReplyCancel

      • Barb - If debate on saving Madroos farm! It’s for sale 52 acres, amazing home and barn. Russell township is trying to save the land. Some ” appointed a- holes want to build seventeen Mimi mansions. Can you even imagine our beautiful gateway destroyed????? Makes e sick. Hopefully the people of Russell will win this one!ReplyCancel

        • Cheryl - I can not imagine it NOT being there. The last of the farms.ReplyCancel

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