The Moral Of The Love Shack: Or an update on the Shasta RV

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Last Fall I kept seeing (or maybe noticing for the first time- whateva’) RV’s everywhere.


Of course, I already loved the look of the vintage Airstream my sister-n-law restored- so cool. So HER. SO FUN!


I said to Ben, “Ben. I want an RV.”

He said, “Of course you do.”

I said, ” But not just any RV.”

He said, “What would change.”

I said, “I’m thinking something funky but without the hassles.”

He said, “If you can find it, let me know.”

I said, “O ye, of  little faith.”

He said, “Here we go.”

I said, “Too late.”


And so I went out and bought a 2015 Shasta retro 1961! In Yellow!!




He said, “You what?”

I said, “Told ya so.”

He said, “Oh God.”

I said, “God loves to travel. He’s IN.”


And I have spent the better part of six months tinkering with This & That and drilling Here & There and sewing a Stitch & Snap and Ben hasn’t said a word, only rolled his eyes a few times (which is male sign language for You Go Girl in my playbook).


So now we have a moto Gypsy caravan meets Cowgirl meets Clark Gable and goes fishin’ in tuxedo’s playground… On steroids (Because go BIG or go home, am I right?)


Welcome to our Love Shack: Just a little old place where we can…

[Fill In The Blank]


LOVE SHACK: Shasta 2015 retro1961 UPDATEPINIMAGE

LOVE SHACK: Shasta 2015 retro1961 UPDATE. The sleeping alcove. I’ve chosen to use the forward cafe table and benches, in their converted positions, as a semi-permanent sleeping alcove. Here I have wallpapered the entire space including the ceiling and storage shelf framing. Adding a gauze fabric held back by French curtain holders and a vintage Oriental-esque lamp with custom 4-inch wide lampshade makes it very sexy, non? The pillows and curtains sewn by me. I selected a total of four different fabrics to use in different ways throughout the RV.



The bed is a full size. The matelasse bedspread is store bought because I’m good but not THAT good, for christake. The vintage reproduction lamp between the storage shelves is wrapped in a bundle of mismatched bobeches to give the appearance of a chandelier *eye squeeze* and because Ben didn’t want to do any electrical.


The storage shelving holds a set of matching yellow bath towels and extra linen. PINIMAGE

The storage shelving holds a set of matching yellow bath towels and extra linen. Oh, and I’ve clipped a little vintage glass blackbird wearing a red party hat onto the wall sconce. He’s a happy reminder to embrace the crazy when Ben won’t follow the map.


Now for the kitchen! Where do I begin? 1)I applied white mini subway tile to the counter wall. ItPINIMAGE

Now for the kitchen! Where do I begin? I applied white mini subway tile for a backsplash. It’s a high gloss plastic and peel & stick. Amazing. I added the acrylic stove-top side guard and a vintage wire shelf which is used as a utensil holder above the three-burner stove. Also, all the retro stainless cabinet hardware were switched out with milkglass knobs & pulls. Small chalkboard tags are adhered to each cabinet that indicate what’s behind each door because Ben will actually stand there and ask me where the dishes are with only three doors to choose from. The small wood shelf attached to the outside of an upper cabinet return (to the right of the sink) was made in Texas, but discovered on Etsy because the World Is A Marketplace and everyone wants their share. I screwed some old wooden spoons across the width of the shelf to create a secure brace for spice storage. Oh, and I forgot: the gorgeous porcelain wall pocket above the sink is vintage and at the ready for fresh flowers on the road, even though Ben says we don’t need flowers ‘on the road’ but I beg to differ with him- always.


This is the kitchen sink window. You can see the wood shelf from Texas to the right. ThatPINIMAGE

This is the kitchen sink window. You can see the wood shelf from Texas to the right. That’s a paper towel holder to the left (Or an impaling rod. It’s a love match). I found a section of a red and real gold-leaf piece of wood trim (supposedly from the restored library of the Vermont home of Rudyard Kipling, or so the lying salesperson told me) and trimmed it to fit across the top of the window because we all know it’s not from Rudyard’s library. On to that I applied a selection of vintage fish tackle (in original boxes) because in this redo no surface was off limits in indulging my decorating fantasies- and Rudyard liked to fish. So there’s that.


A modern refrigerator came with the RV. I added some plastic storage containers to keep things tight.PINIMAGE

A modern refrigerator came with the RV. I added some plastic storage containers to keep things tight- and by ‘tight’ I mean two things.



Two of three vintage aluminum kitchen canisters have been hammered into submission to fit the space. I don’t take prisoners when I’m on a project.


In the largest cabinet I added roll out shelving baskets from The Container Store. PINIMAGE

In the largest cabinet I added deep roll-out shelving baskets from The Container Store for a secure pantry that won’t make me want to kill someone at supper time when we’re finally finding our way to the RV Park after a day on the road. Better for all of us.


The cabinet I choose for dishes and barware got tension dividers installed and a vintage yellow metal PINIMAGE

The cabinet I choose for dishes and barware got tension dividers and a vintage yellow metal ‘Wrap Center’ installed to the inside of the door. Can one ever have enough plastic wrap? I don’t think so.


One of my grandmother, DaisyPINIMAGE

One of my grandmother’s aprons. The RV is yellow and is a vintage Shasta model. My grandmother’s name was Daisy and the apron is yellow. Need I say more?


I had a complete set of vintage red bakelite flatware that I bought when attending the fabulous Geauga County Flea Market in Ohio with my sister years ago- so in they went!PINIMAGE

I had a complete set of vintage red bakelite flatware that I bought, years ago, while attending the fabulous Geauga County Flea Market in Ohio with my sister- so in they went! PS: She’s also the one that found the famous Orange A PLEASANT HOUSE Hat at the same outing. She bought it and said, “Now I can find you!” Perfect.


As for the PINIMAGE

As for the ‘closet’ I added more of those roll-out shelf baskets from The Container Store and velvet garment hangers because why not? There’s a separate compartment for shoes- which was a deal breaker for me. Ben can keep his shoes in the truck. I’m nothing if not a ‘giver’. Just ask him.


This is the PINIMAGE

This is the ‘lounge’ area in the rear. What can I say? Awesome comes to mind. The floor from the factory was already black and white eight-inch laminate. This was perfect for me because I grew-up in a home with black & white checked floors and the design has always had a huge influence on me (Thanks Mom). This area expands into two additional twin beds which just slid across the floor. I shaved the bottom off of each wood structure and added rolling castors (not shown). Now, I know you’re all asking ‘What the Holy hell are those cushions all about?’ Oh, ladies & gentlemen! You must know what it’s like to just happen upon something that makes your heart skip a beat- non? Enter this bovine fabric! I walked into a fabric store and it smacked me in the face. Thankfully it wasn’t ‘smacking’ anyone else and the proprietor agreed to sell me her inventory at cost! (My mom would say that’s a Cheryl find. Hahaaaaa). I think all total I used 23 yards in the re-upholstery. Reupholstery?Not quite- slipcovered! The RV came with perfectly acceptable leather upholstered cushions. Spotless and perfect in every way! Did I care? I DID NOT. (And as a postscript the flatscreen satellite tv is not shown but is on a movable bracket that can be viewed from anywhere. The question is: I know I can get thrills but can I get Netficks in the Grand Canyon?)


Believe it, or not, therePINIMAGE

Believe it, or not, there’s a switch back area behind the lav. It’s in this cozy corner that I created a reading nook with the original 1961 magazine rack that came with the RV. Additional spot lighting was added below all of the rear ceiling cabinets. All of the art is nickel & dime finds but rich and fun. Some are actual oils. I went for landscapes, and sporting motifs. I threw in a few paper mache miniature Elk heads and a Tiger Maple mirror in the lav, because what’s an RV lav without a valuable Tiger Maple mirror that can be smashed to the floor? My mother would be so proud of my total disregard of sentimentality in the pursuit of design perfection.



A close-up of the curtains I sewed with the same black ball trim used to edge the gauzey material that drapes the sleeping area. Also not the yellow and white striped walls and the art that is screwed to the walls. Pot holes be damned!PINIMAGE

A close-up of the curtains I sewed with the same black ball trim used to edge the gauzey material that drapes the sleeping area. Also note the yellow and white striped painted walls (Thank you) and the art that is screwed to the walls. Pot holes be damned!


So what’s the moral of the Love Shack?


First, listen to your mother. (Mine made me fearless in design).

Secondly, don’t listen to your husband (duh), and

Thirdly, always listen to your inner voice…


There’s a cowgirl wearing a tiara in us all.


Happy Trails


Shasta UpdatePINIMAGE

The Moral Of The LOVE SHACK: Or A Shasta RV Update


    • Cheryl - Why you just made my day Rosemond with your ALL CAPS explosion of goodwill! I’ll meet you on the flip side. Margarita’s at the ready sista!ReplyCancel

  • Terra Walker - Oh Mah gawd! So gorgeous. I have been saying that I could live in an RV, and this is making me want to do that now. Well done!ReplyCancel

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  • Ellen Dolgen - When are you picking me up???? This is the most fun decor ever! How fun, you can switch from love shack to house on any given night!ReplyCancel

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  • Anna Rosenblum Palmer - My husband is going to KILL YOU. Cause I am in!ReplyCancel

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  • Christopher Mitchell - “I’ve got a Chrysler and she’s big as a whaie…” So, where do you drop the jukebox money?ReplyCancel

  • Sue Loncaric - Oh my what a great job you have done with the decorating! I’m usually a hotel kind of gal but I think I could go glamping in your RV! Looks great and have many happy travels. Sue from Sizzling Towards SixtyReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Rochette Koshak - Love your glamper! Can I borrow it? And by borrow, I mean can I take it with me on my travels?ReplyCancel

  • Leanne Le Cras - holy cow!! that is amazing – you have gone all out and I love all your little extra touches (the deer head made me smile!) and that fabric in the bed nook is more opulent than any caravan deserves 🙂 Happy travels!ReplyCancel

  • Mari Collier - That seems to fit you perfectly. Way to go. I still wonder why decorators use all those pillows on a bed. They just get thrown out at night. I know you will tell me it is in the scheme of things. Enjoy your road trips!ReplyCancel

  • Lori Strobel - Wow! You really made it look amazing inside. What a great shack!ReplyCancel

  • Diane Tolley - Cheryl-ized! Absolutely love this! I even went online to see if I could get one of my own . . .
    P.S. LOVE the cowprint!!!ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - HAhahahaaaaa.You make me laugh! Could you find one?ReplyCancel

  • Sue Pekarek - The saran wrap in the door is genius. The whole camper and everything you designed is so lovely Cheryl. Tiny houses are not this well equipped with storage solutions. I could write you a paragrah on each photo. Thanks for sharing and you need your own design show.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Wouldn’t THAT be fabulous! Maybe some one will see this and call. Let’s hope they actually air it- unlike that ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ HGTV show that you steered my way. Thank you again for that. Now get on THIS one! HA! XXOOOReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Whiskeyman - How freaking fun!! And amazingly creative!! That is not my style, but I certainly appreciate fun when I see it. We are Class A RV people, meaning we drive ours . We are ready to upgrade/downgrade to a fifth wheel now that the kids are older and we need more privacy i.e. distance lol We have been owners of RVs for about 15 years, lived in it for months at a time and can’t wait to give “it” all up someday and wander the country.ReplyCancel

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    I did, however, once have a 1972 Ford Econoline Van. Not a bad ride when you are a teenager.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl Nicholl - Long story short: Ben wants to camp. I don’t sleep on the ground. I bought and decorated what I like to say is our compromise, that’s what I say, Ben says others words….ReplyCancel

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  • Connie McLeod - This is beyond awesome. I really need to get to NOLA, so I can come have a cocktail in your Shasta!ReplyCancel

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