5 Hard Truths- The Election of President Trump

A lot has happened since my sign-off in August of last year.



Part of the reason I choose to exit was the sure knowledge, supplemented by the increasing vitriol I read on social media, that many of my readers and I were not cut from the same cloth, which is fine since I love fabric, but I had an increasing feeling that the way a majority of my readers might deal with political disappointment would make it very difficult for conversation- which is by definition a two way discourse, not shouting with vajayjay hats on.


In what will surely maybe be my LAST post, I’d like to speak a few uncomfortable ‘truths’:

  1. Journalism as we were raised to believe it to be, is dead. There are no NEWS outlets without an agenda; not print, not digital, not radio, not cable, not network television. Period. All future assimilation of what’s to be known about current events will be the individuals responsibility to research, which begs an entire cadre of personal impressions. Who’s a better researcher? Who’s willing to take the time to ‘mine it down’? How many will stop searching for the ‘facts’ after they have found a set of circumstances that support their point-of-view. Not many. That is crystal clear, which sadly, our ‘news’ is not. As for a ‘journalists’ responsibility to call out BS- yes, absolutely, but ‘journalists’ are full of BS too- just ask Zeke Miller of Time magazine. TIME MAGAZINE people. So as to speak on-balance, there is a mountain of serious, even potentially dangerous decision making, and just plain ineptitude on both ends of Washington, DC’s mall. We need someone there who will just report (Which is like saying ‘remember to lift your feet when you take a step’ stupid) and disseminate the ‘facts’ not just the ‘facts as we currently know them’ Sean Spicer. Shame on all of you.

  2. Feminism needs to be reinvented (not just redefined) because it’s currently holding more actuated definitions then my Monday night meatloaf- which consists of whatever’s in the fridge. As I experienced the Feminist movement during my formative years in the 1970s, it meant Equal Rights, Equal Pay for Equal Influence. Period. What we women have seemed to have not been able to demonstratively practice is supporting each other, no matter what our choices are or the color of the very lovely pale blue Ralph Lauren dress with matching jacket that Mrs. Trump wore to the swearing in ceremony. Her choice of fashion (FASHION FOR CHRIST’S SAKE) actually created a hashtag to boycott designer Ralph Lauren. As a side note: Mrs. Clinton also wore Lauren, without hashtag. And then we have Rosie O’Donnell starting the autism rumor critique of 10 year old Barron Trump, and Chelsea Handler admonishing Melania Trump for her multi-language accent. Women bashing Women. It’s older then the invention of the wheel. Oh, and by the way, women are NOT second class citizens anymore due to sex (it’s poverty), and if I were a highly educated, active civic participant, committed partner, responsible parent, I might be offended. I might even feel invisible. But I’m not and I don’t, which is why I support the Right to protest, but again- the vajayjay hats? Really? Someone made a fortune

  3. Elections are Contests. Someone will lose. It seems a trophy for participation so that no one gets hurt feelings has trickled up to an adult expectation. To be p-e-r-f-e-c-t-l-y clear, I support and believe in the Right to protest. Use your voice. Use your influence. Be heard if you can (I’m trying right here). Speak for those that can’t, but take note of a very wise piece of advice from a generation long past: ‘Do more listening than talking to really get the attention of the people you want to hear you’. Actually that’s my quote, full disclosure being supremely important here.

  4. Racism is real but it shuts-down EVERYONE. Let’s be honest. If I had protested President Obama’s election, no matter that it would have been informed by my gut feeling that he was not nuanced enough to navigate the choppy waters of global foreign policy, I would have been presumed a racist first. End of conversation. Conversely many Democratic voters are assuming a vote for Trump was a vote for some kind of White America. Not true. Simply Not True. His election was as much about Hillary Clinton’s non-platform (as in ‘more of the same’) as it was about political super growth- a shiny city on a hill that had closed it’s gates to the people who cook it’s meals.

  5. Elitism is real and darn near as dangerous.  Here’s the rub: Elitism isn’t really about money and social status. It’s just another manifestation of fear and poor self esteem. It’s end goal is power, or completeness,  and it exists on both sides of the political spectrum. However… the progressive left has sort of made it into an art form- literally. Here are some common threads: Elitists feel more enlightened, more clear of thought. They pity you for your current circumstances but don’t hold you accountable. It is always someone else’s fault. Alas, you can be saved as they feel destined to divine you of their point-of-view, and it’s a BIG WORLDLY GLOBAL point-of-view. They are likely to think of themselves as not just citizens of the the United States but of the Planet. All cultures. All people. It’s a big moment. For big people. And they will happily stretch your already overwhelmed sense of guilt for not being able to attend every soccer game into a sense of control if you only unfriend all of your not like-minded friends on Facebook. That felt good didn’t it. You’re taking control again. You’re showing them who’s boss. And when you do, when you shun others, when you make jokes about children, or a person’s birthplace and the accent they have or the smile on a woman’s face after a long day in the spotlight, when you communicate that you are now seeing the oppressors for who they are, and they are not deserving because they walk a different path of enlightenment- not quick of step, not broad of stroke, you become the pawn of the Progressive Left who cultivate Elitism like an alchemist cultivates iron to gold. It doesn’t work. It isn’t real. But it sure looks shiny while they have you by the fire.

In closing, even as Washington, DC had a good weekend in room occupancy, might I suggest there are other ways to protest a myriad of concerns that might be as pro-active as suggesting the new administration is channeling Hitler: For all of you that reside in regions where you think you should singularly decide an election, let me suggest you spend your next available weekend in Detroit, or Pittsburgh or maybe Louisville or El Paso.  Each place will roll out their clean, but thread bare carpet. Spa services are sparse but the food is great, and they could really use your help and don’t care who you voted for…


Neither do I.

But you really should get to that soccer game.


  • A concernedcitizen - Wow, this is just a bunch of incoherent rambling. I don’t even know what you are trying to say. Frightening that people actually find this enlightening/inspiring.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Wow, frightening that you find it incoherent.ReplyCancel

  • Roy A Ackerman, PhD, EA - So, as is true for most posts about the left and the right, there are germs of truth. But, to equate the stupidity or lassitude of Zeke Miller (who works by the way for a RIGHT WING leaning organization) with the rest of the media is unfortunate. Oh, sure, I saw your mentioned the mendicant Sean Spicer in the same paragraph. But, it it the fake news that permeates the avenues (Mr. Banion’s previous location) that is more corrosive to our nation’s democracy.
    And, I am of the male gender. So, my comments on feminism are immediately tainted. I agree with you, but your equating a heinous attack on Mr. Trump’s son or what fashions someone wears has NOTHING to do with feminism. (Other than those that said it were female.) It’s stupidity, it’s cattiness, but not feminism.
    And, I have listened. Being Jewish and having lived in the South, I recognize the dog whistles employed. And, understand the dangers they expect to impose upon us citizens.
    The fact that you didn’t protest Obama’s election is fine- but Mr. Trump clearly was among the leaders of that movement, claiming he was not American born, claiming he lied about his matriculation and education- all to negate his presidency. Protesting the policies does not mean one doesn’t know who won the election. (Perhaps it would be very useful if you studied the Bill of Rights.) And, why folks who voted for Mr. Trump to “drain the swamp” don’t protest the alligators he is putting in the cabinet to protect the swamp is beyond me.
    I am a US citizen. I am also a world citizen. Because we can’t pull America off the globe and relocate it to another (otherwise uninhabited) planet. That is not an elitist point of view- it’s a simple fact of where we are and the world around us.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - First, thank you for commenting, and allow me to reply in kind: Time Magazine has not been Right leaning since the Nixon Administration. As for Fake News, in my past experience fake news had always harbored within the pages of sensationalist tabloids. It no longer does. No matter where it comes from it’s a loss for the populace. I think we agree on that point.

      Now for feminism. Your comments are not tainted here because you are male. I grew-up with a feminist male. They exist. I’m glad they do- that you do. My using the recent examples of Barron and Melania being viciously maligned, to scold feminists, was to illustrate that so many self-proclaimed enlightened feminists do, in fact, not possess or practice the basic tenant of the ideology: support the female, and her choices, when others are are especially using stereotypes in an attempt to delegitimize their choices. This has EVERYTHING to do with feminism.

      As for your being Jewish and living in the South and dogwhistles (explosive metaphor btw) being used… you’ve lost me (I think) unless what you’re implying is that closed-minded people tend to stick together, of which I agree, but not just in the South, but that is not an exclusive Jewish experience- it could be any minority finding themselves in unfamiliar territory with the ‘They’. Who are the ‘They’ you refer to?

      The fact that I didn’t protest President Obama’s election was a result of my accepting (and even celebrating) his legitimate triumph. Al Gore provided a much more serious challenge then any bloviating Trump did.

      My problem with the term ‘Citizen of the World’ is that it is in fact not factually possible, or theologically accurate. It is more of an emotional/intellectual statement, one that is often times used to imply superiority by default:”I’ve been there. They do it differently. It’s better. Trust me. If you had been there you’d know.” I also, Mr. Ackerman, am a US citizen and have travelled our globe, visiting many different cultures- not all of them democratic. While I have never found the *common (*term used as a tool of arithmetic not character assassination) people anything but ‘salt of the Earth’, there are many countries governances I would not emulate.

      And postscript: I carry a copy of the Bill Of Rights in my purse.ReplyCancel

  • Deb K. - Thank you SO much for writing this. You sum up what I have been feeling so well! I am so disheartened by what is happening in our country. I, too, respect the right to protest, but it feels like people now think that those who speak loudest or have a celebrity face to their cause are the most important. There is a lot lacking in substance, and is made up with just noise. And I so wanted to support the women’s march, but it got so messy and ugly. And as you say- women don’t seem to support each other, they only support those who are doing and saying what they want. It’s a shame. Again, thank you for the insightful post!ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Thank you for taking the time to comment Deb.ReplyCancel

  • Nita B - Thank you Cheryl! Well said. Wish I could say more but the thought police might pull into my driveway.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Well, we don’t want that!*wink*ReplyCancel

  • Bethany - Thank you. So many thoughts I have had, but unable to put to pen (ok, keyboard). May peace reign over our great nation.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - My pleasure. Thank you for commenting.ReplyCancel

  • Darcy Stuckey - Once again, love the post!ReplyCancel

  • Jeannine - I just found this post by way of I don’t know what/how! Wow! And thank you. I found it very coherent and that it certainly needed to be said. Thank you very much. I certainly hope this is not your last post – the joke would be on me as now that I finally have found you, you are gone.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Well aren’t you a sweetheart! But Im sorta ‘gone’. It all depends on how pissed off I get. heheeeeeReplyCancel

  • julie - Wow… Concernedcitizen’s’s comment just proved your point.

    And Mr. Ackerman, PhD…. I think you meant mendacious, not mendicant… mendicants are beggars, and the mendacious are not truthful… better polish up that degree. Your comments are so filled with stereotype and talking points, there really isn’t any substance.

    Just stumbled on this blog, and will follow for a bit, I suspect the author and I will agree on little, but it’s nice to find a woman capable of clear thought….ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - Thank you Julie. Yes- my thoughts are clear, though not always understood as is evident by the comments you referenced above. Dear Lord….ReplyCancel

  • Jeannine - Dear Cheryl, just want you to know I just finished reading all of your past posts which were full of great information (the L’Oreal creams and gardening advice), thoughts I agree with and some posts which were just a great (and so needed) laugh! I mean I laughed out loud, sometimes. Once again, I’m sorry you’ve signed off. Thanks for all that you’ve shared.ReplyCancel

    • Cheryl - You’re so sweet. Alas, it is time to move on to new experiences BUT I may reinvent myself? Ya never know! HA! Thanks Jeannine.ReplyCancel

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