Every once (or thrice) in a lifetime one may be inclined, through forces unforeseen or some kind of milestone (or even the joy of fitting into a dress size smaller), the opportunity to contemplate the steps in one’s journey that brings the present forward.

I bring you mine:


Survives Childhood.

Is introduce to iced tea.

Sow seeds of debauchery and lives to know the difference.

Chooses a really good guy- to marry.

Is threatened with jail time by Federal authorities upon discovery that your father has your signature forged across his incorporated papers, of which he has disappeared and left you holding the bag.

Begins to keep lawyers on retainer as a matter of normalcy.

Has two amazing children.

Fosters another child you didn’t see coming.

Takes professional and financial risks- that pay-off.

Falls even more deeply in love with the really good guy you married.

Cultivates supremely insightful friends (which is code for they ‘get’ me).

Sees the hard work of raising interesting, smart, curious, brave children- burst forth.

Sleeps deeply.

Begins menopause.

Sleeps less deeply.

Embraces the science supporting HRT (and Botox).

Sleeps deeply- again (with a smooth brow).

Uses air travel like bus routes to visit the children and far off lands.

Always orders tea…

And becomes a contributor to a best selling anthology of the Best 45+ old Bloggers in the good ‘ole US of A.


Life is good.


Feisty after 45 Front Cover FINALPINIMAGE



Happy Days.

Hot or Cold.


B l o g s   I   L o v e