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     We are back!     And the Christmas holiday isn’t waiting for anyone- least of all me.     The tree must be bought, strung, adjusted, and lit.     The gifts must be inventoried, wrapped, bowed, and shipped.     The cookies must be baked, sprinkled, nibbled, and delivered.      And party invitations accepted, declined, and […]

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     This and every holiday season, I move my lust for flowers, to my interior- of the house, that is.     The containers come out, the dirt comes in, the round globes of potential beauty get sorted.      In short- I ‘force’ bulbs.     It’s so easy and the rewards are amazing!     So, […]

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gris-gris,gre-gre  Webster’s DefinitionA hoodoo talisman. An amulet originating from Africa believed to protect wearer from evil and bring good luck.Cheryl’s DefinitionA really beautiful, sometimes weird, piece of stuff, that my friends bring me to hang over my doors and put in my garden because they know I love weird and I’d never turn away good […]

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  • rosie k - I do believe!! I “smudged” this house as soon as I could..it’s the present-day humans, not the past ones, that worry me. I plan on doing it again just for good vibes!ReplyCancel

In my last post, the photo of the tulip arrangement is placed on a vintage tablecloth. So pretty- both the flowers and the cloth. I have many- both the flowers and the cloth. I collect many things- vintage jadeite kitchenware, small boxes, art, shoes, Halloween items, Xmas decorations, silver, china, shoes, Amish quilts, mixing bowls, tablecloths, […]

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  • rosie k - OK…now I know we need to open a small retro/collectibles/vintage treasures shop…
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  • Cheryl - We always did have a lot in common.ReplyCancel

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