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Note: This is a rambling post and contains disturbing photo’s  I’ve been contemplating the ‘situation’ in Syria.To do this, with even a modicum of perspective, I must consider the history of the region.And it is a mess- then, now, tomorrow.I must start by saying I am not an expert on anything- especially the Middle East, […]

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  • kblakecash - Well stated.

    The World has spoken. We belong to a union of allegedly civilized nations, the UN. The violations of international law that have taken place are under the UN’s jurisdiction. It is up to them to act, not us.

    You know, like when the guy who is now acting like a vigilante called George Zimmerman a vigilante?


  • William Kendall - The UN, unfortunately, is disfunctional… Russia and China will never, ever sign off on these things, yet it should be done, if it must, through joint efforts, a real coalition.


    • A Pleasant House - I don’t even know what the UN stands for (in my lifetime). They do good works but are a waste of taxpayers $. They should be ejected from the US and made to stand ground in a less defensible country.ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Rudell Beach - I’m so torn on this issue. I agree that sometimes it seems we do pick and choose which humanitarian causes we want to get involved in as a nation. But even as a pacifist, I do believe there is validity to humanitarian intervention and stopping cruelty and crimes against humanity when they are being committed by a government in power. I know the message of “you attacked people so we’ll attack you” is so hypocritical, but I think proclaiming values of freedom and human dignity, and then not upholding them is, too. It’s just a tough situation all around. And hasn’t the UN indicated they would not support action against al-Assad? Maybe I heard that wrong…. Ugh, I know we don’t want to be the world’s policeman …. tough stuff to think about….ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Sarah, I’d love to be a fly on the wall with this one. This is a humanitarian crisis but there are so many more that we don’t involve ourselves in. How to choose?ReplyCancel

  • Terrye - Unlike so many that just blurt out that they are for the war because they are loyal to obama or they are against it because they are against him, you have laid out a very informed argument. Nicely stated and well thought out.

    I was watching on Fox News today, an interview with a gentleman that has studied this region from the biblical times and quoted passages in the bible relating to Syria. It could have been written today. That area has been in turmoil for thousands of years. Dropping bombs on it would be a lot like poking a hornet’s nest with a sharp stick. All it’ll do it stir up the hornets.

    • A Pleasant House - A ‘Hornet’s nest’ is all I think you have to say TT. The solution is not acceptable because the region doesn’t allow it- historically- of religiously. It is A LOST CAUSE- we just can’t accept that in the West.ReplyCancel

  • Rich Rumple - You and I are of the same thought pattern on this. However, I cannot trust a politician, regardless of what party he supposedly represents. The only parties that matter to them are the $1000 a plate parties that get them elected prior to getting into office, and the $1000 a plate parties that entertain their friends after getting elected. This bombing of Syria is strictly a ploy to ensure big business has an opportunity to raise oil prices, enrich themselves with government contracts, and hopefully (for the politicians), distract the population from what’s really happening in the country. So, we drop bombs to kill innocents on those that use chemical weapons to kill innocents. And, that makes us better? We’ve fought extremists for decades, so, now we join them? None of it makes any sense. But, we’re only the little people that don’t matter. Now, if we could afford a few $1000 a plate dinners …ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - This whole debate is confusing to me. Okay- Sarin was used- but by who? If you were one of these Godless rebels wouldn’t it be obtuse to release on an unassuming populace, knowing that the USA would blame the very government you are trying to topple, thus mount a strike that would, in fact, strengthen YOUR position? Am I crazy?ReplyCancel

  • Sue - I agree with everything you say and think. These people on both sides hate us with a passion. Neither is good. I believe it is a oil issue as they say…follow the money. I also think that it is not an accident that Obama has gotten to this place. I think one of his goals is to make sure America, the United States, is no longer a powerful nation. Two thumbs up to Rich Rumple above about the distraction factor too!ReplyCancel

It’s Friday.We have people coming for dinner.The pantry is bare.A trip to the store and…. there are 30 empty parking spaces, upfront, but I park in the w-a-y back. Perfect.But wait! I see a car pulling into that ‘sweet spot’. She gets out.She trots to the door in yoga pants, happily chatting on her phone. Downward facing dog can […]

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  • kblakecash - We actually have “mother with children” spots at some stores here. I guess I can’t use them because I’m a father. And my kids are in their thirties.

    There are a variety of reasons one may be allowed to park in a handicapped spot, not always obvious to the naked eye. My parents in law, who should park in handicapped spaces on their own right, have a sticker because my brother in law is in a wheelchair (does that make any sense? It’s no more difficult for him, he has wheels). If he’s not with them they will not use a handicapped spot, even though they could, and should.


    • A Pleasant House - I get ‘wheelchair’ ‘crutches’ ‘MS’ chronic leg/back pain. But broken arms, and just being over 60 should not count.ReplyCancel

  • Mari Collier - I look it when they are caught, but it’s a common practice.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Too common Marie. That’s my point. Abused I’d say. My mother is 82 and doesn’t have a tag. She wouldn’t dream of NOT giving-up that space to a more ‘needy’ person’ even if it was a 25 year old with three kid’s in tow. I don’t know you IRL but I suspect you are of hardy stock and not a an entitled AARP member- which I could be if I paid the dues!ReplyCancel

  • Kate @ Another Clean Slate - It is frustrating when I’m going somewhere with my grandma (who needs the help and close spot) and can’t get it because of people who don’t need. But then again, i suppose we never know if something is wrong we can’t see.ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - My mother, before she passed away, spent ten years with arthritic knees and really should have had a tag. When she moved to their last address, her new doctor got the arrangements made right off.

    The previous doctor spent years saying, “oh, you don’t need that.” Among many, many, many other reasons he was a lousy excuse for a doctor.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Isn’t that ironic- that someone like my father could scam a tag, but not your Mom? What a shame. Wrong on SO MANY levels.ReplyCancel

  • Linda Roy - I see a lot of people taking those Mother with children spots or the pregnant moms spaces. Burns me up. I think it would be fun to put a diaper (not used – I’m not THAT evil…;) ) on the windshield under the wiper. Just to let ’em know i’m onto them.ReplyCancel

  • Linda Roy - Oh – and love the tennis elbow line. Bwahaha!ReplyCancel

  • UP - I park as far away as I can, better for the waistline.


And so it begins…1175 days before we cast our next Presidential votes (My head hurts already).Let me predict: Hilary will seek and receive the Democratic nod with very little infighting. The Republicans will almost kill each other and by the time they are done we will see a newer brighter more pragmatic party line, as […]

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     I’ve been thinking (oh ohhh)…       Why is it…       that seemingly intelligent people get caught-up, believe in, allow themselves to be influenced, spread the word, make decisions, judge character, based on the amazing hyperbole of media ten-second news bytes that are obviously skewed to increase regurgitation of the same shit […]

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  • onepairofshoesatatime - Thank you for making me laugh. It never ceases to amaze me how we are expected to be taken in by blatant manipulation of publicity. But that’s what PR is. Maximation of the minimum at the least cost and most exposure.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - It really is amazing, isn’t it. Not the PR aspect but the willingness of the Average Joe to just scoop it up!ReplyCancel

  • NJGirlinCO - I just got back from a week vacation and just found out about the Paula Deen blunder. If she is off the air for a while I do believe that sales of butter will decrease.

    Watching her cook with butter, butter and more butter was very comical. I think we could all use a good dose of learning how to cook healthier.

    And yes, the media wants to hype up things so we watch their broadcasts (er milliseconds of worthwhile information and 10 minutes of pitching Tide detergent) so things are so overly hyped it is pretty darn comical.

    People get sucked in easily. I’m glad I was on vacation and didn’t hear a peep about this issue.

    So question – why isn’t her show on tape delay? Why aren’t mistakes and junk filtered out? Or was the network trying to get rid of her and let her do it all by herself……

    Either way I am sad people feel they can verbally slur different races and cultures …….. she messed up. Oh well, enjoy your millions Paula and relax and have some dessert and coffee. You are done.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Lucky you to have been on Vaca during this crap-fest du jour.
      The butta was a bit over the top- as her diabetes diagnosis is testament to.
      None of this happened on her show- oh no, she was being sued by an ex-employee, and gave testimony as such, saying she had used the ‘N’ word in the past. What WAS taped was her FIRST apology (she’s done many since then- each one more professional) and it was spliced together, edited to give the most emotional display she could butta-up.
      As for SLURS- I don’t believe there are degrees of insults (so no free passes) and wish everyone would just SHUT TF-UP and try some empathy for a change.
      Great comment! Come back and visit soon NJGirl!ReplyCancel

  • Another Clean Slate - They say any publicity is good publicity… it gets people talking!ReplyCancel

  • enchantedseashells.com - Umm, thats’ rather large scoops of cat poop. Just how large IS your kitty?ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - You are very observant. The kitty is doing well, and eating like a horse- as you can see. My posts are classy- don’t you think?ReplyCancel

  • bookworm - Honestly…this Paula Deen stuff is news????? Compared to people losing jobs, people losing their homes, people getting run over by tornadoes and floods, Supreme Court decisions and all the things happening overseas? Is there such a thing as an actual news channel anymore? Or an actual cooking show?ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - No. No there is not. Keen observation Oh Wise One. And on a lighter note: Thanks for stopping by bookworm!ReplyCancel

  • Tammy - You’re preaching to choir here, my darling. I hear you … loud and clear. But must say that if you find a market for your piping hot cat shit cupcakes … well, I do believe we will be rich! Love your visual! Only a blogger extraordinaire would compromise her cookware for the perfect picture.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - I just actually DID laugh out loud. No shit! (sorry for the pun). The visual is a masterpiece. I know. Now let’s start working on a new start-up with this idea.ReplyCancel

  • Cyndi Calhoun - Ha! Look at those cupcakes! LOLOLOL
    And yes, sometimes there’s coincidence, but big names and businesses plan ALL that crap out: the unveiling of a product that gets touted by someone’s surgery that same week. Yes, yes.
    Good points and thank you, too, for your wonderful insights over at the ‘Tude. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Well thanks Cyndi. It really amazing what get’s ‘scheduled’! And it was my pleasure to comment on your blog. I’m a regular stalker at your site.ReplyCancel

  • Sue - You are so right Cheryl. I am so sick of hearing about Paula Deen and how the newscasters go in depth about the right or wrong of it. I am on board for more news worthy discussions about the economy, snooping, and IRS targeting, so…as they keep harping on Paula and the current murder trial for that matter, I change the channel to X the rating out for them. Kitty Poop Cupcakes rating for the news is a good one. They can be rated as one scoop, two scoops, or a whole litter box.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - I love your idea about rating the news in shit scoops. BRILLIANT! (why didn’t I think of it?) Hahahaha. How bout u and I just turn the boob tube off?ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - PR baboons, of course, are the first cousins of marketing chimps, after all…ReplyCancel

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