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Summer’s are never long enough.They are usually hot.These two observations are obvious.Your welcome.What’s not as o-b-v-i-o-u-s is the universal need to have it be done already.Here’s my run-down:      ~ My children are all grown and gone, and I miss the summer fun. You know- the moments when you are out of ideas and you […]

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  • Susie Brown - Love it! I like the part about locking kids up and that you can blog about anything you want. That is the way I feel too. I just posted an article about kids moving out!!!ReplyCancel

  • Susie Brown - This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.ReplyCancel

  • bookworm - Oh girl, you have me envious with the Meyer Lemons and the figs (neither of which grow here in upstate NY – well, you can grow the lemons here indoors if you have enough light, which I don’t, and you have to go through all kinds of conniptions to grow figs outdoors here, which I won’t. So…where was I? Yes, the heat and summer thing. OK, come to upstate NY if you want to escape summer. We’ve only reached 90 three times this year, we did have a couple or three weeks of misery in July but then it went away and – oh, let’s see – today our high was 77. So there!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - That sounds very nice- a heat fit for humans. I’m actually in NE Ohio as I write this and the weather here is COLD! I’ll send you some lemons. I’m not kidding! Private Message me with your address. They won’t be ripe till Nov.ReplyCancel

  • Kerry B - New Orleans is our favorite place to visit… ever. love it. jealous of your gardens,,, esp the figs. yum! And hot flashes suck!!!!!!! sorry:(ReplyCancel

  • Sophie Bowns - I loveeee pesto!
    I want some heat. It seems that our British summer is over now, but we’ll see!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - I can’t wait to craft my pesto. I usually use whatever is ready to peak, or flower and then grind away with a little oil/garlic/ and love. Yummy!!! I’d love to experience a British summer- I’ve only been in your glorious country in the autumn. Thanks for stopping by! I luv love from across the pond!ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - I keep telling myself: one day closer to winter…ReplyCancel

     Roses are funny business.     We love them… but they scare us.     Not their thorns, but their finicky nature… or are they?     Finicky.     Consider this: roses have been on this planet longer then we have (there is fossil evidence over 35 million years old), garden cultivating began about 5,000 years […]

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     I have a mutual arrangement with my itty-bitty courtyard garden- I choose certain species of fruits and vegetables, give them a good home, nurture them to maturity, enjoy their product, and, if they’ve behaved like good children, remember a part of them to share with the next generation (I save their seeds).    […]

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     I have a girlfriend that really wanted Passion Vine at the base of her fence. She loved the flowers and delicate scent. She heard the plant attracted butterflies- and don’t we all like butterflies?      It would wind it’s way through her wrought-iron trellis and gently drape over the top spires adding a […]

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