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     Spring has Sprung in New Orleans and I’ve got the bug- gardening bug (I’m feeling fine).     The flower bed has been raked.     The Roses have been pruned.     The Clematis has a new path to climb.     The fertilizer has been dug in.     The veggie pots are… I can’t stand the […]

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  • Sue - I am going to try saying….”I Need Space” and see what I get, cuz it seemed to work like magic for you.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Nicholl - I terrified him- an additional cottage property for 200k or $1500 of garden trugs. He did the math! Bahahahah GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND!ReplyCancel

     Today should be the sixth of this week’s Lesson’s, in my attempt to share sage wisdom from a fabu blogger (me) on the one year anniversary of my blog apleasanthouse,      BUT,      Today’s lesson will not be a ‘lesson’.      It will be a self promoting opportunity to share my top ten […]

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           Let me just say, right up front, that I apologize to all of my snowed- in friends, for the feelings of envy, and hair-pulling tantrums they are about to exhibit as a result of this post.     The weather down here in New Orleans is fantastic!     I am prepping […]

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  • Cheryl - you ROCK Cheryl!!!!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel Harper - I’m really really jealous of you right now, not even because of the heat, but because of the Super BowlReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - Hi Rachel! Nice to have you aboard!
    Yesterday was CRAZY around here- we didn’t attend the Super Bowl at the Super Dome, but we could here the commotion from our home, and had to deal with all our visitors. I’m exhausted. And now…. Mardi Gras! Wish me luck.ReplyCancel

    The last of the winter veggies-small tomatoes, turnips, and a baby cabbage.I smell a flash pan stir-fry!      This past season I let my itty-bitty courtyard garden tell me what to do.     I followed it’s lead- so to speak.     Being from the Midwest, I’m used to putting a garden to […]

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  • deeprooted - There is something very similar to our homes and gardening style Cheryl: not only the brick walls (which really are wonderful in retaining the heat) but also the ‘letting be’part…Congratulations of your fine winter harvest! I wish I could have tried the same, but it simply isn’t the same climate in northern europe!ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl - Thank you Petra! I’m just now beginning to replant for a spring harvest. You’ve got to LOVE this southern climate of ours! Also, just left a comment on your blog. Hoping to talk with you soon.ReplyCancel

     Perfect Lovers: Me, big bosomy flowers and over-the-top old movies- sometimes together.     So, the other day, TCM, played the 1936 film Camille, directed by George Cukor, starring Greta Garbo (“I vant to be alone”), Robert Taylor, and Lionel Barrymore.     There I was, ready to go comatose with another episode of an […]

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