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     I have a girlfriend that really wanted Passion Vine at the base of her fence. She loved the flowers and delicate scent. She heard the plant attracted butterflies- and don’t we all like butterflies?      It would wind it’s way through her wrought-iron trellis and gently drape over the top spires adding a […]

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     Farmer’s markets are not a new idea, but the recent interest in urban farming, and field-to-table products (that eliminate far-reaching distribution and secure a more organic product) are popping up everywhere!     Here in New Orleans there are several, but a new one (for me) is the Crescent City Farmers Market which I […]

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     There are so many restaurants in this crazy city that if you went to a different one, every day, for one year, you wouldn’t be able to hit them all. Seriously. That many.     In a feeble attempt to sample this fine city’s wares, Ben and I have a wonderful little tradition of […]

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