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     If you gott hunger pangs.     If you gott a taste for consistently good food.     If you gott a weak spot for cafe life.     If you gott a lunch date.     If you gott a thirst.     If you gott a love of life, then pull up a chair at Gott Gourmet and Chef David Gotter (from Chicago) will be […]

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     We have a dear friend who hails from Westerly, Rhode Island.      He came into our lives bearing gifts- friendship, laughs, his wonderful wife and daughter, carpentry skills, and the ability to gently be on the receiving end of jokes.      He also introduced us to a very hard, spicy salami (that his […]

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  • Sue - The most adventurous I have been sausage-wise is when my (not yet my husband) let me try his (I’m a great hunter)deer meat sausage, which I liked at the time. The hubby and daughter would probably like me to take more risks and visit a deli like this instead of the occasional summer sausage I buy at the local store.ReplyCancel

  • Cheryl Nicholl - Don’t all men think they’re ‘Great Hunter’s’? Thanks for stopping by Sue and have a great weekend. See you next week!ReplyCancel

     There are so many restaurants in this crazy city that if you went to a different one, every day, for one year, you wouldn’t be able to hit them all. Seriously. That many.     In a feeble attempt to sample this fine city’s wares, Ben and I have a wonderful little tradition of […]

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  • rosie k - Sunday morning and reading about your great life…and love Pimm’s.

    my shop is: rosie and zoe at etsy.com

    (thought that would give you a direct link…
    I think you can figure it out!)

    love ya, kiddo.


    • Cheryl - I need to order some things. I’ll give you a jingle.ReplyCancel

     You know how when you visit a city and you’d like to know where the ‘locals’ eat?     Well this is the place!     Not fancy, not pricey, not dressy- Joey K’s is the place to go for great ‘like ya momma done it’ regional food, generous libations, and neighborhood atmosphere.      Also, mind-numbing […]

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