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We live in a world of out-of-control, in-your-face, over-my-dead-body, I dare ya, extremism salted with flagrant I’m-not-doing-that, I deserve better, where’s mine? kinda chumps.Lovely.So glad to know you.I prefer in-control, space respecting, join me won’t you?, inclusionism (is that a word?) sugared with fragrant I’ll handle-that put your dogs up, you deserve better, let’s share […]

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  • michelle - Inclusionism? Is that a word? Well, it is now (if it wasn’t before, and I’m too lazy to Google it…)
    Ha! You made me feel kinda guilty with mention of those things to remember to do… which is a good thing…

    • A Pleasant House - Well, you’re a busy beaver here this morning- and I’m THRILLED! GUILT is a powerful tool don’t ya know! Hahahaaa.ReplyCancel

  • Janie Emaus - Giving back is my motto!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - When Ben and I adopted a young man at age 17, I thought maybe we had filled that glass full, and yet, here I am working with high school kids in an afternoon program and saving the animals around town. Guess it’s just in my nature. Women.ReplyCancel

  • Natalie DeYoung - I want those shoes, in purple.

    • A Pleasant House - Aaaaaghhhhh. PURPLE? Yuck! I love ya Nat but PURPLE!!!! Though, with your gorgeous coloring, maybe. PS: Read your post today. Glad you got away and recharged, I know the feeling. I think I left a comment. I hope so. XXXOOOReplyCancel

  • Lucy Pireel - Love those shoes! And the attitude! My kind ‘a woman 🙂ReplyCancel

  • bookworm - I must know the story of those shoes!!ReplyCancel

  • Blogwati Gee - Oooooh, my last piece was on eclectic shoes too. Happy to be here. And yes, hear you loud and clear. So many things TO DO, so little time. I need to get my act together. Will strike some of them, asap.ReplyCancel

  • Rich Rumple - You really don’t wear those shoes, do you? lol I’m afraid the world is passing us by. The type of people you talk of to begin with is the “Me” generation and are taking over the sanity of the world with their insanity. The have no tolerance for others and are only selfish in their interests. They’re everywhere! Very scary. It reminds me of the society in which an old movie, “Soylent Green” described … one that would send anyone over 40 to the factories to be turned into food for the youth of the day. It’s amazing to me that with this being the Age of Communication, how little the youth of today actually see and hear. Good post!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - I’d like to craft a witty retort to your thoughtful comment but I think between the two of us we could rule the world! And of course I wear those shoes (heheheeeee). Hugs & Kisses Rich! Your my man!ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - That shoe is an invitation to being attacked by a cat.ReplyCancel

  • Anonymous - I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

    Feel free to surf to my web page :: http://marined3rblogs.com, ,ReplyCancel

         I like houses.     Ben likes me, so, we’ve had a few (houses, that is) like ten over 31 years, one a rental, the others owned, a few extra.     Lucky me. I know.     Most have been 100+ years old just waiting for me to return them to either their […]

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  • House Crazy Sarah - Cheryl you tease! Show MORE PICS of your house in NOLA! It looks amazing! I love learning about you house adventures!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - I know. I should but I’m a little worried about security- the house is recognizable if you’re on a Garden District tour. I don’t know. Maybe I should? What do you think?ReplyCancel

  • Home and Lifestyle Design - Love those columns. We lived in New Orleans for awhile and I absolutely love all the architecture in that city and we loved going to Cafe Rani in Uptown. New Orleans is such a special place. Enjoy!
    Thanks, PattyReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Hi Patty! When we first moved here (and even now) I drove around for two years and just drooled over the architecture. It’s such a visual city- so inspiring. We just LOVE it! Cafe Rani is wonderful!ReplyCancel

  • enchantedseashells.com - What a beautiful house! I think you should stay private, cos there are lots of cray cray peeps out there in the world.ReplyCancel

  • Rich Rumple - No Ghosts? Why, that’s so unlike New Orleans it makes my head spin! Supposedly, even the apartment complex I lived in for a while in Baton Rouge was supposed to have a ghost that traveled through the courtyard every night looking for a lost love. (She should’ve have stopped at the apartment above me … they were noisy enough to share their love, for sure!) Nice house & pics!ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Liew - This was certainly a wonderful pictorial! Grabbing your badge!ReplyCancel

  • Sue - How wonderful your home is Cheryl. Love the turquoise door, knocker, columns, and gallery. You probably have the most interesting house in the blogosphere.ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - Lovely shots!ReplyCancel

     Here in New Orleans there are many different kinds of housing, and people, and options.     There are cottages, and single family homes, doubles, triplexes, quadruples, apartments, condos, warehouses, and water flats.     The people that sleep in these places are just as diverse.     They are rich and poor, artists and bankers, […]

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  • afterthekidsleave.com - Love this! Seriously, if I could live in an RV and make my own urban homestead…I’d definitely go for it! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Sue - I agree, the mobile house with a porch and some chickens is brilliant! Now I know what to do when retirement day arrives. I will just go mobile like my phone. We have a plastic owl hanging in one of our trees to keep the birds away so they don’t dump on our driveway…it doesn’t always work. Some hawks circle above sometimes wanting to make little dog soup too. I need your neighbors fully-loaded for that.ReplyCancel

  • Tammy - Haaaa! Loved it! Those plastic owls aren’t fooling anyone of the feather species. However, they generally scare the crap out of me as I unsuspectingly walk along. I LOVE New Orleans (disclaimer: not in the summer!)and have family there. The peeps are hugely diverse but your neighbor takes the cake. Seriously, you have to laugh or you will cry. Cock-a-doodle-doo to you, my new cyber blogging friend – awesome post!ReplyCancel

  • Jean - I have always wanted to visit and now that desire has been renewed. We are moving, I wish I would have known about this RV idea prior. 🙂ReplyCancel

  • enchantedseashells.com - Hub has been in the south near your area for the past 6 weeks and can’t wait to get out of the heat and humidity!ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Oh yea- it’s Hot & Humid in the summer, but the other 8 months of the year are HEAVENLY! ‘ll go up on The Fly and wave to him for you!ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - Sooner or later the hawk shall have his day!ReplyCancel

     If you gott hunger pangs.     If you gott a taste for consistently good food.     If you gott a weak spot for cafe life.     If you gott a lunch date.     If you gott a thirst.     If you gott a love of life, then pull up a chair at Gott Gourmet and Chef David Gotter (from Chicago) will be […]

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