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     There are so many restaurants in this crazy city that if you went to a different one, every day, for one year, you wouldn’t be able to hit them all. Seriously. That many.     In a feeble attempt to sample this fine city’s wares, Ben and I have a wonderful little tradition of […]

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  • rosie k - Sunday morning and reading about your great life…and love Pimm’s.

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     Just as my family and friends up North are putting their gardens ‘to bed’ for the year, mine are recharging and waking up (gardens, not friends). Autumn and Winter are growing seasons in New Orleans. Praise Be the Lord!     So out with old, and in with the new: new knowledge, new hopes, […]

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     You know how when you visit a city and you’d like to know where the ‘locals’ eat?     Well this is the place!     Not fancy, not pricey, not dressy- Joey K’s is the place to go for great ‘like ya momma done it’ regional food, generous libations, and neighborhood atmosphere.      Also, mind-numbing […]

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     A Pleasant House had a bit of a water issue (after Hurricane Isaac churned over us for 30 hours)- a roof leak there, a gutter unhinged here…     Long story/short: we had to evacuate post storm. We’ve been gone four days and have finally returned to schedule putting it all back together again, but not […]

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