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I grew up in Zone 5.I now live in Zone 9. This provides an additional four months of opportunity in quelling the onslaught of invaders and reap the rewards.I sometimes pillage. I sometimes destroy.I often give birth.Plans are calculated with military precision.They are fought with special operational assistance from the Espoma league.Battles have been lost. Many have […]

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  • Sharon Greenthal - I have the blackest thumb…so envious of your talent!ReplyCancel

  • Chloe - I love trumpet flowers, and yours are gorgeous. I miss living in a higher Zone. I live in Zone 1. Why even bother if you live in Zone 1?ReplyCancel

  • William Kendall - Beautiful flowers!

    I would end up killing any plant coming into my care… I’m just hopeless that way.ReplyCancel

  • Sue - I love to zone in and see the beautiful flowers you grow.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - Thank you Sue. These are really gorgeous. They hang and look exotic and spooky. I took the pic’s from the bottom looking up into them.ReplyCancel

  • Bryan Jones - I’ll show this post to my 82-year-old father, as he is the green-fingered one in our family. He virtually lives in his garden, despite his age.ReplyCancel

    • A Pleasant House - That will be me in time. Maybe your father and I should date? Thanks for stopping by Bryan- I appreciate it.ReplyCancel

  • Theresa Ledford - Everything I touch dies. Seriously. Dan gave me a potted rose for mother’s day. I babied that thing and loved it and watered it only in the mornings and blah blah blah… it curled up and died, so I set it outside on the deck meaning to throw it out. Two weeks later I walk outside and find my discarded rose in full bloom bursting with life. I have never been so put out with a plant in my life. Do you have any bougainvillea? I love that but it doesn’t grow in Virginia.

I open my eyes. The sun is out. I open my door, and the smell of jasmine, just closing from their nights release, is still heavy in the air. I put on my walking shoes and hit the pavement. I pass others on their way to begin the day. I smile. The birds are singing […]

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     When the weather gets cooler, and the days shorter, it’s just a darn good idea to visit a big hothouse space to soak up the artificial light and smell the dirt (Ya gotta take what you can get).      So don’t get S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder), get G.L.A.D. (Gorgeous Light All Day) […]

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     Roses are funny business.     We love them… but they scare us.     Not their thorns, but their finicky nature… or are they?     Finicky.     Consider this: roses have been on this planet longer then we have (there is fossil evidence over 35 million years old), garden cultivating began about 5,000 years […]

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     I have a mutual arrangement with my itty-bitty courtyard garden- I choose certain species of fruits and vegetables, give them a good home, nurture them to maturity, enjoy their product, and, if they’ve behaved like good children, remember a part of them to share with the next generation (I save their seeds).    […]

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